Monday, August 4, 2014

How to Straighten your hair with Fat Hair Amplyifying Blow-Dry Spray Review with Pictures

   I received this bottle free of charge from Fat Hair. I am not getting compensated for this and I want to offer Honest Reviews that can change the world and  If you would like me to review your product for free I am all for it just contact me here. I personally do not accept downloads or requests to host a link to my site of yours because a few years ago it kind of messed up the blog.

     On the Bottle it says Works with Blow dryer,Curling Iron , hot rollers or Flat Iron.
What it is Heat Guard provides Hydration and shine, also smoothes hair so you don't look like your a split end Queen.
What you need 1 Bottle of Fat Hair Amplifying Blow-Dry Spray-1 small comb and 1 Straightener.

    I use a Flat Iron because my hair is somewhat curly to wavy and sometimes my hair type is not as accepting to others. So for more of a Beautiful look of my hair I decided I would try this Fat Hair Amplifying Blow Dry Spray. I have used the blow dry method and I can tell you because my hair is curly to wavy the product doesn't straighten hair with styling brush,comb method. So Instead I used a Straight Iron to Straighten my hair. First I sprayed the Fat Hair to lock into the hair than I comb and than Run a straightener down my hair to the end. I can then not have to wash my hair for a few days, it might sound Yuck to not wash your hair everyday but you can really remove natural oils from your hair by over Shampooing. A Great Product to buy is Biolage and Matrix,Shampoo and Conditioners great for all hair types. Course when I did try this I had slept in my hair, so you can see an example of a Bed Head. It's Not pretty at all. I would use this product again. I even received at least 5 dollars with coupons with the package. The product does not make your hair so oily that it looks like your dirty It's just right and about makes your hair look like the women in Magazines that have those flawless straight hair that is shine and brilliant. I haven't dyed my hair in awhile so you'll see a few grey hairs but don't worry this product is safe on color treated hair. I love how shine and moisturize my  hair is. My hair gets pretty dry when I have dandruff, I almost have to use Head and Shoulders. This product puts the moisture and the shine back into my hair. I am going to use it and continue to. The plus about this product It does all the job that you'd have to buy Multiple products to achieve. I can straighten my hair without damage with the heat guard,It will smooth out bed head and split ends,and the shine is always nice. This product makes your hair look real not unnatural,the smell is not bad and will soon go away. I don't like products that have a bad smell,you just can't get rid of and make me have a headache. Fat Hair has no such Smells.

Before Dry Bed Head
  You don't even have to use Hair Spray when you use this product just make sure to put your hair up when your out and about and than Brush your hair in the morning. I just love my Conair Brush. They make the best brushes I have a big black one that has a big head for thick hair. I applied the product to my dry hair. I find that trying to straighten your hair with a straightener to wet water hair is like impossible to straighten hair, It must be product such has a heat guard applied to dry hair. Many think that some Straighteners don't work with their curly hair because they don't get that hot, that is not true, the problem is they need to use the right product such as this Fat Hair applied to dry hair than Straightened with a straightener. The only thing I use a round styling brush for now  is for my Bangs when I decide to have them. Although I can straighten my hair with a round styling brush, 24 hour hydration mousse and a blow dryer applying to dry hair also works too but this is a better choice Fat Hair 0 Calories Amplifying Blow-Dry Spray, I wished I would of known about this product when I first started to straighten my hair.  
After Fat Hair Amplifying Blow-Dry Spray and Straightener applied.

All Done, No matter how much I put my hair up,My hair is still straight!
With Shine,Not Dry,Just Smooth and Pretty!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rue La La - The Just-for-Kids Sale: Activewear Edition Free $25 Credit

Rue La La - The Just-for-Kids Sale: Activewear Edition

Free 25 Dollar Credit Good tell 8/6/2014 

Get some Good Kids clothes.

You won't be dissapointed!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Crest BE Toothpaste Review With Pictures and a coupon

    I know you've seen the new toothpastes that are flavored by Crest called BE.  Here are the flavors  Mint Chocolate TREK,Vanilla Mint Spark and Lime Spearmint Zest. I've tried them all out. I can say that I am so into each one.
Me and a Brush with Chocolate Mint Trek
Theirs a Coupon for Crest Be Toothpaste here $1.00 off 4.5oz. Coupon while it lasts.


  • Crest BE Vanilla Mint Spark taste like Vanilla cake it even tastes sweet.
  • Crest BE Mint Chocolate Trek taste like a Chocolate Mint Ice cream without being cold. It's a green toothpaste with chocolate sprinkles.
  • Mint Chocolate Trek
  • Crest BE Lime Spearmint Zest taste like a Margarita without the Alcohol even It is sweet tasting. It's a light clear green with sparkles.
Crest BE is Good for Children over 2 so ask a dentist first  and Adults.
  • Crest BE is made by Proctor and Gamble. 
  • Crest BE toothpaste Helps against Cavities. 
  • Crest BE would make teenagers to young children brush more often the mint is not as strong as in the Chocolate Mint, the Lime Spearmint Zest has less tasting of Mint and the Vanilla doesn't taste as minty for those who do not like Mint would still find this better tasting than the regular Mint toothpaste they usually use. 
  • Crest BE toothpaste is a paste which is good to remove plaque and preventative of cavities when used while brushing.
  • I loved the toothpastes and I'd either buy the Vanilla Mint Spark or the Lime Spearmint Zest. 
  • I received the sample from Bzzagent and was sent it for free. I am a Bzzagent too, I review products for free and their not a secret I am to  tell anyone I know about reviewing them as Bzzagent purpose is to advertise products so that people know about new products.No compensation was required or payed to me. I do all my reviews honestly and straight forward. 
  • All the flavor without the Calories or Fat.
  • Vanilla Mint Spark
  • Each Bottle of Toothpaste has It's own Be product like Lime Spearmint Zest says Be Dynamic, Mint Chocolate Trek says Be Adventurous and Vanilla Mint Spark says Be Inspired. These are so special line of toothpastes.
  • It says to Brush your teeth Twice a day on the bottles. 
  • Who likes simple toothpaste when you can have toothpastes that taste so good and that are healthy for your teeth and gums. 
  • I like that the toothpastes get rid of smells in my mouth, who wants to smell like Fajita breath? Not me not ever. So the Toothpaste shields bad breath really good. 
  • My teeth are white after using these toothpastes so the dyes in the toothpastes do not hurt my teeth. 


  • Afraid the toothpaste tastes very sweet and wondering what soft of sweetener is in it. 
  • The toothpastes are not edible :-( they make me hungry. 
  • I can't say anything Bad about Crest BE I've tried them all that where sent to me and their Awesome!

Lime Spearmint Zest

Try these toothpastes in stores. 

All My Reviews and opinions are my own. No one influences my opinion.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PepperJax Grill 1720 NW Chipman Rd Lee's Summit, Missouri 64081 Review

        Great Service, Philly Cheese steak Cooked and served right in front of you,hot and fresh. My husband and I choose Cheese-steak,mushrooms and onions, than had them add tomato and lettuce to the freshly toasted Bun. They put the bun through a toaster that slides right in front of you while their making the Philly Cheese Steak after cooked Steak and fixings, adding the cheese than they add the Cheese steak with It's toppings to the Bun from the Metal skillet they cook it on. The taste was so good and I couldn't believe how moist and flavorful,fresh the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich was. I just love this place will go back and eat again. I used a coupon from their website that gave us a Buy 1 Entree get 1 Free Entree. All items are ordered Separate No Combo Meals. They also have Burritos and Rice Bowls.  Pepper Jax Grill  Food Hot,Fresh and Fast. We choose the packets of Horseradish Sauce to go with our Sandwiches. You tell them what kind of toppings that you want and they apply them to your Sand which. We paid 14.99 all for two Meals Drinks,Sandwich and fry's including the coupon which saved about 5 bucks off our ticket. It's worth the Try. Family Friendly and place is fairly new location. The employees seemed pretty happy to serve us as well. 99 Cents Kids meals served all day shows on their websites limit of 2. When I seen the hours  open from 10am-11pm on their door. Their is a couple TV's on with Sports events playing.

1720 NW Chipman Rd
Lee's Summit, Missouri 64081

            We choose to eat here because we have never ate here before and the other place we used to go started to give us some bad service which is not affiliated with this place.

Thumbs UP! Best Philly In Lees Summit,Missouri!
I was not paid for this review.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tide Stain Release Laundry Detergent Review with Cap Scrubber with Video

      You probably have seen the New Tide Stain Release on the shelf and wondered If it worked as good as the original Tide.


  • Tide Stain Release Detergent  used as a Stain Release.
  • Cap can be used to scrub the stain out some part of the cap it's blue rubber brush.
  • No since in buying Stain fighter 
  • Makes clothes Clean and takes the dirt and stains out.
  • Cost the Average $9.99 about for 19 Loads.
  • Has an easy to pour onto fabric end. 
  • The Smell even without Fabric Softener smells so good.
  • No Change in the Color of Clothes can wash Colored Clothes together and blacks.
  • Comes In HE efficiency type of Detergent which is what I use.
  • Use the Detergent in any temperature water to remove stains.
  • No bleeding of fabrics. 
  • Clothes look like new and feel like new. 
  • Even the Stains Release takes out BBQ sauce, Ketchup, tomato sauce out of fabric and grease.
  • The Bottle is so attractive what can I say, my regular detergent was not on the shelf. So I bought a Bottle of Tide Stain Release Detergent. 
  • Safe on Shirts that have designs after a spot clean turn inside out.
  • Put the detergent on the fabric stain,use brush in circular motion or up and down over the stain and than put it in the wash, that is easy. 
  • LOVE the Cap Scrubber.

  • Hard to find in store.
  • Only Comes in a 19 Load bottle.
  • Not sure I would use this detergent with Colored Red and whites together in a load it is not a color catching Detergent. 

If you want to watch My Video of Tide Stain Release in action.

Overall I would Buy Tide Stain Release Again!


Friday, May 16, 2014

Bio True Contact Solution Review

    Your Probably wondering about Contact Solution is it a buy Bio True or not. When I received my contacts they recommended Opti-Free Pure Moist. I have tried Opti-Free Pure Moist and use it. As for Bio True It comes in a clear bottle, Claims to allow to work with your own eye tear production to allow you to use tears like your own. Works for 20 hours without discomfort. I tried this contact Solution for 3 days. The first day it was nice tell the end of the day than my eyes where getting real dry, I tried to put Bio True on my contacts re-wetting them, but I still had discomfort so I took my Monthly's out and let them set in the case with Bio True Solution. My contacts where quite dry when I took them out. 20 Hours where great using the Bio True Solution not a bit of blurriness that happens. The view I received was like I didn't even have contacts in and had perfect vision, I couldn't even feel my contacts. I went outside all day and no problems, it was windy also but my eyes stayed moist.

     I have to say that I would not recommend this solution for Monthly s as in sleeping in. It may be suited for someone that wears daily contacts or weekly's that don't sleep in their contacts. I often sleep in my contacts for 6 days than take them out for one. I always take out my contacts before a Bath or Shower. The Second day of using Bio True my contacts did not seem to be moisturized so they kind of made it a bit unbearable to wear my contacts so I cleaned them and put them back in and where fine. So by the Third day I decided to clean the contacts with the solution,take out put back in  and allow them to set in the Opti-Free Pure Moist. After that the solution worked really good. I am someone who uses the computer constantly during the day. So Not seeing blurry because of Astigmatism is what I strive for. I am also thinking that the solution Bio True makes you blink more. I do not blink much. I could see clearly, I just wanted to try Bio True Contact Solution for a change. If you did use this solution I would recommend not sleeping with your contacts in. I personally love to sleep in my contacts. If Opti-Free stopped making Pure Moist I would probably use the Bio True Contact Solution as it does take your eyes adjusting to different solutions to work. I received this Bottle free with no compensation to write the review. I don't mind getting more items to review so If you know of a product you have drop me an email here. I will take the most care in providing the most honest reviews, I don't believe in allowing others to  buy products that do not work. I have to say this Bio True Contact Solution is great! Bio True is made by Bausch and Lomb.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Truly Radiant Arm & Hammer Whitening & Enamel Strenghtening Toothpaste Review

    Truly Radiant Arm & Hammer Toothpaste

      Truly Radiant comes in a paste. It taste a lot like peppermint. It's not to over whelming. and Is suppose to be enamel strengthening. When I tried it I fell in love. The taste is good and didn't overly foam up like some toothpastes do when brushing It's just right. It also whitens teeth. I personally love White teeth but the items like coffee and cola's can have a bad effect on the teeth big time. So I have always been recommended by my dentist to keep using a Enamel Guard. I can still feel fresh in my mouth. The True Test is drinking a cold glass of Ice water. I have and have to say that my teeth do not hurt or feel sensitive to the cold water. I really feel that this product is worth the money to buy. I received the product free of charge from Arm & Hammer. The product has Active Calcium,Baking Soda and Peroxide ingredients. I find my teeth to have more of shine to them that also proves that it Restores Gloss and Luster. I have not had any sensitivity problems since I tried this Toothpaste and It's been over 5 days down.

    If you are a coffee drinker like me than you know the smell of coffee sometimes can linger in your mouth even after a brushing. This takes the smell off coffee off your breath. My teeth have become a little more whitened. I don't believe though you can achieve a white smile until you have your teeth professionally whitened and a dentist cleaning. I love this Toothpaste Truly Radiant before I tried this toothpaste I was scared to take a photo close up and smile but afterwards I just want to smile to show my nice teeth. I was not compensated for this review nor am I receiving any kind of compensation.

Day 1
After 5 Days