Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Vudu won't load Solved for Samsung Bluray d6500 and more

   You may have a bluray player that connects to the Internet wirelessly and get a error message ctl=stl Cannot connect to Vudu call customer Care and has a long list make and device. 
    First moment I would update the app to see If that will work. Updates are usually updated automatically by going to your settings menu and than to upgrade. I spent a whole hour on Vudu customer support they still couldn't figure out what to do,that has to be embarressing,than they wanted to direct my call to another department. I don't have time for that. 
    Here are some steps I figured out to get your vudu to connect,it may work on many other devices besides the bluray. Pull up your Modems Ip address should start with 192.---.-.- be located on the back of your modem,that includes username and password,As soon as your logged in, Go to Default settings and Click on Reset Firewall settings. As soon as it goes through it will bring you back to the log in page. This will usually reset all your devices so youll have to reconnect them back on the internet,Next go back to your bluray player and reconnect Internet settings,As soon as you do go back to the Vudu app and it should connect.
   If it does not check your internet speed you need at least 4mbps for HD and 2mbps for sd. If these steps did not help check your antivirus/firewall some antivirus will make computer slow ,some come with a firewall that will not let in stray connections Mark the device as safe. If you can't find the info for your modem and you bought from your internet company call them and explain you want to be able to change the setting in your modem and they'll help you out.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Joes Kansas City Bar-b-que review

    I happen to love Bbq and so does my husband and I ate today at Joes Kansas City Bar-b-que in Leawood,Kansas,It's a walk right in your welcome,help yourself atmosphere,it's very lively and a bar like setting. When you order you get a ticket to take to the register lady and she rings you up at the front. The guy in the kitchen shouts the order to pick up at the front,hopefully you hear it,their is no order number.

   The beef brisket meat seems to taste very smoking and hickory. The Bbq sauces Original which is sweet with a little bit of spice and hot are on the table along with Ketchup and condiments, I noticed  the meat was soft and cut very thin which is a plus,along with a small amount of fat but not to much to not enjoy the Bbq beef Sandwhich. We ordered small Bbq beef Sandwiches  on wheat bread,Sides are extra,we chose the fries which are thin cut steak fries ,this time ordered onion rings,which I wouldn't order the onion rings was overcooked ,was not as hot and who could complain free water,they sell Beer by the bottle and pickup is also available.
    I did love when we left they had table clearer so we could leave after we ate. This place has different Bbq taste than any of the other Bbq places around. A small bbq meat Sandwhich is $6.99. It's more of a lunch and dinner place. I would eat there again. Has been my second time and the meal is consistent with last time. I'm used to eating Jackstack Bbq,Gates,Zarda, Hickory pit haven't been to Hickory pit in Lees Summit,MO In a long while. 

All opinions are my own, I'm not getting compensated for my review. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Etekcity 3 Pack LED Camping Lantern... Etekcity with Video

Etekcity 3 Pack LED Camping Lantern Flashlight, Ultra Bright Camping equipment (Black, Collapsible) 1 Lantern

    This is really going to great when we go camping,The Size of the Lantern Is as big as a Can of Soda yet is wider in size. I used this Etekcity Camping Lantern outside on my patio in the dark to show you how bright it is. Be great in a tent. I have used this product, It's complimentary for my review my Opinion is my own. I love that it lasts 8 hours,takes 3 AA batteries the bottom part comes off by the bottom side, Etekcity Camping Lantern has LED lights so It's brighter light without using all the extra energy. I only used One Lantern I love the little handles are so easy to grip and can hang onto any rope while camping deciding where to hang it. The main reason I would buy this product would be to have incase of Power outage and to use instead of flashlights while camping, Power outages which we have experienced before, had we had this Etekcity Lantern we would of been set. I easily close the lantern lid that allows the lights to go out and to save energy. Etekcity Lantern looks and feels sturdy. To Buy Etekcity Led Camping Latern. The battery sure does last long I haven't had to replace and I've already had the Etekcity LED Camping Lantern for over 4 days now.

    I can't image 3 of them as they come in 3 sets when you buy them on Amazon with the above link, the Light would light up 3 places really good. I also like that the light I feel no heat from the bulbs as I would a flashlight or oil lantern, plus no chance of getting burned. If I need more lanterns I will purchase them. I also know don't get the light near your eyes to long because you will see spots. I especially want to buy one for my dad,Fathers day coming up and Also they are for sale for . I will when I can because gripping a flashlight is hard for him. Easy Open and close that is what I look at. I have also dropped the Lantern and It is Sturdy. My Cat loves to set next to it, so It's Pet Friendly, no burns and such. I had my Cat in the room with me with the lights out and I opened this ETEKCITY and she just set next to the light and I closed it and she meowed. A 3 Pack is $23.99 so they are at least $7.50 A Lantern that is a good deal. Have a Wonderful day and have More Java!



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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sprout Vox Box from Influenster

I received all samples complimentary from influenster all opinions are my own. #SproutVoxBox

Curate bar Dark 

   Takes me back to when I was a kid eating fig newton's taste like them and has a orange twist flavor and balsamic vinegar sweet flavor,the Curate Bar was even soft to chew. This is Non gmo snack and gluten free. This was the first sample I devoured. I use this before my workout with weights and I did very good,gave me the energy I needed.

Eat Smart Chips Spicy Black Bean Tortilla Chips made by Snyder's of Hanover.

     Loved the spicy flavor of beans,spices. These do not have a strong taste of beans are very healthy from reading the label. Not as salty as potato chips,I loved the crunch and taste I've had more than 5 chips now. I love the shape of the chips are like green pepper shapes,14 g Whole grain,2g of fiber,Made with black beans,Navy,Pinto,when I said spicy your gonna need some water with these. Certified Non Gmo,Gluten Free and whole grain 15g per serving.

Hair Food Moisture Collection Clairol

Silicone Free
Paraben Free
Mineral oil Free

Orgain Organic Protein 

Plant based powder,flavor Vanilla Bean,sounds good. 

Orgain Organic Protein drink Wasn't bad,I have to say it reminds me of Vanilla flavored powder milk. No after taste. As far as energy it gave me a boost on Lunch time. USDA organic 21 grams of protein, No added sugar but I recognize the sugar chemical that is found in Stevia a sugar substitute I've used before. I used a shark shaker to mix the protein drink mix up. I personally think the taste of the drink is great but be aware of how sugar substitute affect you. 

ECOS Laundry Detergent

        I loved the Lily and Magnolia scent of the Ecos Laundry detergent plus softner included. Comes in a clear  liquid,the sample pouch was enough to get clean and soften, 10 throw blankets. I noticed the blankets are softner now than my usual application of softner. I love this organic Earth friendly laundry detergent plus softner.  I use a HE laundry machine and I did not see any extra suds that is amazing. Plus Ecos Laundry detergent has a built in stain fighter,If you go to my Instagram page you can see the demonstration of application of Ecos Laundry detergent @phoenixbirdcatchesfire. My cat is pretty sensitive to scents on her favorite blanket but she just set and purred on her blanket I washed with Ecos Laundry Detergent. I would buy this Ecos  Laundry detergent  brand.  I recieved this product complimentary from Influenster all opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Coach Purse Giveaway Mothers Day Giveaway!

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Folgers perfect measures review

    I received a product from Chatterbox for free Folgers perfect measures Classic Roast pure 100% Pure coffee.
I'm not selling anything, the coffee came in really small tabs which are supposed to be equal to 1 tablespoon per six fl ounce of water per cup.

  Find the coffee to be smooth don't  have any problems with aftertaste and I didn't feel all acidity and  stomach upset like with very strong cups of coffee. Just because I said its not strong doesnt mean the caffeine content is lower it just means i can drink more coffee without upset stomach. Folgers coffee pretty fresh in the tabs I'm empressed. with coffee from Folgers perfect measures it comes in 8.39oz which makes up to 85 6fl oz of  coffee and comes in a  plastic container with a lid vaccum sealed.
The coffee maker worked great with Folgers perfect measurws,no problems dispensing the coffee into the pitcher. NOT compatible with Keurig brewers. ONLY for Automatic drip. It says to use a minimum of 4 tabs but that is only if you are making about 6 cups of coffee.

   I'm going to buy some and also some for  my dad because he's disabled be the best thing for him since he's athritic. If your wanting a $5 off coupon please send me an email. I have 5 left,I will send them by usps,so you'll also need to send me a address and Usa only, thanks.

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