Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thieves Essential oils by Healing solutions


    Your probably wondering about Theives essential oil as it was once used by gypsies 15th century in the time of the black plague to keep from getting the black plague. Theives Essential oil will kill a cold,open up sinuses,open up a congested chest,will kill the flu,fend you from the plague and has a pleasant smell. 100 percent pure grade oil Health Shield by Healing Solutions. I love  the cinnamon smell of theives, cloves,lemon,Euclyptus and Rosemary oils this blend of theives works wonders,I was suprised easy it is to apply the oil with my fingers.
    I've used Theives Essential oil  in my scentsy burner with old wax melts. The smell of the melts is gone but the essential oil smells really good added. Another great use is by putting 10 drops of Theives to 10 drops of Francinsence In a 3 oz spray bottle, 1 tsp vinegar filled rest up with water. It makes the smell of dirty feet go away. I had a sore throat a day ago and I put Theives oil right on my throat and under my nose. I than slept part of the day within the next day my sore throat was gone. THIEVES oil is all natural way to get rid of sickness without having to see a doctor. Their is a way to put Theives Essential oil in a air humidifyer I have not tried.
   Another use of Theives is to put a drop in a cup in the dishwasher to disinfect the dishwasher without dishes in dishwasher. I like using vinegar 2 tbl In a cup on top rack for my rinseaid for a regular wash,seems like all the extra food that would redeposit on the dishes lands in the vinegar cup . I received Theives Essential oil (Health Sheild)by Healing Solutions complimentary for my honest opinion. If your interested in Buy Theives the link will take you right to the product I tried. If your looking for an all natural product to keep your family from sickness  buy Thieves oil.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Pest Sentry Electronic Indoor Insect Killer by New Home Innovations

  I happen to be able to test a Pest Sentry Electronic Insect Killer for two weeks and what I can say is that the bulbs are still working. The pros are it's safe around pets I have a cat who actually avoids the Pest Sentry electronic indoor insect killer and also nephews,nieces who come over haven't been a problem,  as the bug zapper  has two metal plates that go around for safety and the metal cage holes are small enough fingers or paws can't get through. The Flies are very attracted to Pest Sentry bug Zapper I've used  in the day and also in the night,the bug zapper works. The Pest Sentry Electronic Indoor insect killer can be used only inside.
     I have the Pest Sentry Electronic insect killer  I use in my kitchen next to a door  in my kitchen. If your interested in buying you can check it out here at the link Pest Sentry Indoor Electronic Insect Killer. If you find that the product does not work and you are not satisfied you can have 100% your money back.

   The On switch is in the front of Pest Sentry bug zapper. Pest Sentry by New Home innovations  Includes brush and hanging chain or you may just put on the floor plus a metal flat piece to keep Pest Sentry flat on the ground. Pest Sentry on top has two clips to clip onto the chain.

    Pest Sentry Electronic Electronic Indoor Insect  killer is  very quiet and I have uploaded a video of Pest Sentry on Instagram. All you can hear is the air conditioner on Instagram video ,check it out. Although it is quiet a slight buzz will happen when the bug has been caught. I caught flies  June bugs and moths the Zapper can kill all sorts of flying insects. When my nephews and nieces came over in and out the back door and just recently a birthday party the flies came in and the flies are dead now.
     Pest Sentry is a Great product to use especially if you have young kids going in and out the house it makes those bugs dead instantly no smells of burnt, all the bugs need to do is fly right in the Pest Sentry.
     I didn't use the chain and the brush works good to remove the bugs off the bottom.  Odor free bug killing. No using fly swatters. NO nasty spray. I don't have time to hunt every bug down. It saves me precious time not only time but money on bug products that simply are not green nor healthy to breathe for my family. Pest Sentry electronic insect killer Includes Two 10 watt UVA Bulbs,UVA bulbs can easily be replaced with news ones and with Phillips screw driver and the price of the Zapper is worth the buy. I find though If the Zapper breaks you have to have a professional work on it though, that did not happen to me while I was using it. Before cleaning turn off Pest Sentry Electronic Indoor Insect Killer and unplug ,clean bugs out of the bottoms where they land. It's so easy to set up that their is no extra steps needed other than to  plug the Zapper into the outlet and turn it on.

    The bulbs come assembled in the Pest Sentry Electronic Indoor insect killer  and ready to go. The size is not bad and it takes up little space on the floor. No buzzing sound like normal bug zappers. Pest Sentry Indoor bug zapper is light weight and I can lift it with one hand. It's made with corrosion proof metal alloy and is made to last.
      Pest Sentry has four sides of lights when I say that I mean that it has little slits on the sides and the other two sides of the Pest Sentry are open  caged areas. I was able to try the Pest Sentry Indoor Electronic Insect Killer for my honest opinion and I look forward to working with New Home Innovations in the future.

Monday, June 29, 2015

New News Bug Zap

    I can't believe another day has gone by. I haven't blogged for a few days. I am just enjoying the outside here in Missouri. The Trees have the leafs and birds are chirping outside especially my Favorite Midwestern Blue Bird. It's so much better than being cooped inside as the Winter keeps me inside. I just received news that I am going to test out an Indoor bug zapper. If you like Videos when I get the bug zapper all be sure to add to Instagram. I love to test out products. The bug zapper is ordered and I am  waiting it's arrival. On top of that I love entering Sweepstakes. My group of friends on Facebook are Sweepers. We entirely enjoy sharing our news of winnings. Their many sweepers that donate their Sweeps to a friend or someone that needs it. As private conversations with them I see that not all are cold or heartless and greedy. Most sweepers just want is the chance to have their name called and a prize. On top of that I just seen a New Giveaway for a Tablet,this is for real and you really do get a Tablet. Enter below just click the link and enter on the page.

IRULU Windows 8.1 Tablet Review and Giveaway!

Monday, June 22, 2015

PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat Review Product by New Home Innovations


   Great advantage about PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat is that it can be put in Freezer,Refrigerator or used without cooling. Using the same pillow I usually use I just took off the pillow case and added the PolarGel Mat to the Pillow and add provided straps to keep the Mat In place.
I find the use of  Polar Gel Pillow the way it was which was great naturally cold.
     I have used the PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat  One week already and makes me anticipate bed time to sleep on the Mat. I do not wake up hurting and no bad neck pain, I stayed real comfortable cool. During the night I get hot and I snore, not only did I feel relaxed in bed but I also did not snore according to my husband , I asked him he said no. It is best to just lay on the pad  with straps on instead of using a pillow case because I find with the straps can join on top of each other If lifting the pillow.
     Love the blue color Mat received. Item is best cleaned with a mild detergent or like Dawn on a damp cloth and cannot be put in laundry washer. Cannot be ironed. Easy to apply the Pillow Gel Cool Pillow Mat to the pillow. The PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat is made by New Home Innovations.
The price of The PolarGel Cool Pillow was not bad and all for better sleep is worth it. I am going to buy my dad one. He gets real hot at night , sweats and is hard for him to sleep.
     As it was It was hard for me to get to sleep. With PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat I just went to sleep without having to wait to long as the cold feels real good on the head. If your interested in seeing a video of the whole unveiling PolarGel Cool Pillow mat video.Click here I have to get up super early in the morning to help my husband along so this PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat helps when I haven't been able to get adequate sleep at night. Going straight to sleep helps. I've always wondered about Gel pillows, now tv at I have one all take care of it.

If your wanting to buy the PolarGel Cool Pillow Mat buy Iso Cool Pillow  here. I received the Extra Large to test out for my honest opinion I have to say that the PillowGel Pillow Mat fit right on the middle of my pillow it was just right as I have a King size pillow. I will recommend them to all my family members. It's great to feel some relief and great on headaches too. I layed on my pillow all night long no flipping and I just stayed there enjoying the coolness on my neck and head.

    An Ebook was provided Free with the purchase Titled Hitting the Hay the Right Way by Tanya Green which I have not looked at yet.
   I signed up for the Hitting the Hay the Right Way, which all read the Ebook. I love reading but for some odd reason I just don't make time to read Ebooks I've downloaded maybe 50 books on my Kindle. Have you ever owned a Gel Pillow?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Polar gel Pillow New News

    I just received an opportunity to review a Polar Gel Pillow from New Home Innovations like so and I am going to try it out for a week and each day try to report how I feel about it. I received an email about a week ago that a person loved my blog and thought I'd be a good candidate to try this and do a blog review and Amazon, I am so thrilled. The product was free only that I am honest and did a review. I will be honest and straight forwarded.

   For those who do not know a family problem had adhered me to help out more with them,I'll try my best to get back to blogging. I am eating more healthy and not going to eat. I just love sautéed sweet potato fries in coconut oil for 5 minutes. Than I just put them in the oven for 450 for 10min. Have a great day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fix Fudge that does not set


       I often do not use the Microwave to melt chocolate because it takes eons of time but I decided to try it because the chocolate I made did not set properly. I took my candy thermometer out. When I melted the Almond bark I use 1 bar to 2 tbl of sweetened condensed milk and 1/4 tsp Vanilla for 30 seconds in microwave it melted good I stirred it but did  not use the candy thermometer. I had to take the candy out of all the molds and put them back into a bowl and do 15 seconds add 2 tsp corn starch stir and 2 tsp of powdered sugar stir. Put back in and after 15 seconds take back out stir, measure temp your objective is to get the mixture to 200F. Keep doing 15 seconds and stir until your thermometer reaches 200F. When 200F is reached put fudge into Pam sprayed tupperware let the mixture cool on countertop than put it in the fridge. This mix can also be done with chocolate. I made  chocolate truffles at temp 180F letting mixture cool a bit and rolling into balls on cafe mocha instant mix or powered sugar and cinnamon. The truffles made with 2 tbl Hersheys syrup.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gloria Jean's Hazelnut flavored coffee

    Gloria Jean's Hazelnut, nice light brown color,Great tasting,smooth and is a light nutty coffee. I like that you can easily get Hazelnut coffee in Keurig K cups the taste is for every day can be paired with Onion Bagels with cream cheese, Glazed Donuts or Egg in a hole and Nutella on toast.      

       Gloria Jean's Hazelnut has No aftertaste, the box was a good $8.99 which came in 12 pack box, 75 cents a Kcup. I just love the taste. Worth the buy. IF I could compare this coffee to the off brand Hazelnut I would have to say this Hazelnut has more Caffeine than the Off  branded kcups. 

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