Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Folgers perfect measures review

    I received a product from Chatterbox for free Folgers perfect measures Classic Roast pure 100% Pure coffee.
I'm not selling anything, the coffee came in really small tabs which are supposed to be equal to 1 tablespoon per six fl ounce of water per cup.

  Find the coffee to be smooth don't  have any problems with aftertaste and I didn't feel all acidity and  stomach upset like with very strong cups of coffee. Just because I said its not strong doesnt mean the caffeine content is lower it just means i can drink more coffee without upset stomach. Folgers coffee pretty fresh in the tabs I'm empressed. with coffee from Folgers perfect measures it comes in 8.39oz which makes up to 85 6fl oz of  coffee and comes in a  plastic container with a lid vaccum sealed.
The coffee maker worked great with Folgers perfect measurws,no problems dispensing the coffee into the pitcher. NOT compatible with Keurig brewers. ONLY for Automatic drip. It says to use a minimum of 4 tabs but that is only if you are making about 6 cups of coffee.

   I'm going to buy some and also some for  my dad because he's disabled be the best thing for him since he's athritic. If your wanting a $5 off coupon please send me an email. I have 5 left,I will send them by usps,so you'll also need to send me a address and Usa only, thanks.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Chat box arrived From Chatterbox

Received Free Chat Box from Chatterbox,I'm not selling anything,Have $5 off the Folgers Perfect Measures product have 5 of them for friends who want one. So If your interested in trying email me after the review video tommorow and the first 5 followers who have  followed Facebook,Instagram or Twitter will get one.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mpow Bullfight Sport Bluetooth Earbuds Review


     I received some Mpow Bullfight Earbuds wireless Bluetooth headphones about a few days ago. As I was trying them out I kept  in mind that what I really wanted them for is to workout with them, because holding the phone with wired head phones is so tiring. I have had some Bluetooth wireless headphones before so I know the quality of a very expensive Jawbone which I don't have anymore the thing got old,would never hold a charge. I could compare these Mpow Bullfight wireless headphones to the quality of an expensive pair without the cost. I charged these about an hour,a red light will come on while charging, it was really easy I just took my Samsung charger and used my cord I received with the Mpow Bullfight to charge them from the wall outlet. When charged I called my mother on the phone with the Mpow Bullfight connected to my Samsung S5 and I asked her how I sounded, she said she could hear me pretty good. Hearing her better than I could before is so great.

      I put on my music from an app and played and it was very clear. I happened to place my phone down and go throughout the house without any interruption I was able to go from one room to another and still the signal was the same. I can even control the Volume with the up and down buttons on the headphone piece and able to answer calls. 

     I love to be able to snap the headphones together so I can wear the headphones as a necklace when I'm not using them. The headphones will even warn with a voice  when the battery is low so I can charge them. I also love that when a call is coming on it starts a tune  I can hear and answer the phone through headset.
  The comfort of the Mpow Bullfight is great,does not fall out of ears. 
      Came with extra ear covers. 
 I received the headphones free for my honest review. I told my dad about them and he's interested in buying some. 
Price    *****
Quality   *****
Comfort  *****
Ease of use  *****
Would I buy another?


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rayovac Virtually Industructable flash light review

I just received a flash light from Spectrum that is a Rayovac Virtually Industructable,
Specs 250 Lumens
30 foot drop tested,
Water Resistant in Flood 1,
Batteries Last Longer,
2 modes types high mode and Energy Saver make the flashlight last depending on one mode continually running with 39 hours on energy saver mode. I personally think it feels comfortable to hold with a flat thumb grip. Rayovac Industructable  has a push button and feels compact, a bit heavy,made of metal,the flash light,light casing is made durable plastic. Light is a CREE LED brighter than other flash lights. Beam distance is 171 meters but can change to 49 meters when on Energy saver mode. The claim is that the flashlight will last a lifetime. I just put the Rayovac Virtually Industructable YouTube video online on the feed. If your interested in checking it out. I have not tried to drop it. I don't know anyone who has a big window to throw it out. I personally think If I needed a flashlight this would be the one to buy.

Flash light apart

Energy saver mode

High mode

Monday, February 1, 2016

Possible Review and news 2016

     I have a Possible Review that I received an email from a company that was interested in me to review their Meat Claws. I have never had a pair although they look very tempting only trying them out will help to determine the likeness of their worth. I don't write every day on my blog because I'm trying to enter Sweeps. I actually am in a Secret Sweep group on Facebook. I often am very social on Instagram when it comes to products, I do some Youtube and Facebook If I feel that It makes me happy. I often List many Sweeps on my Pinterest. Right now It's like I have to delete them I often add them as Month and year so I can easily delete boards that go out of date. Right now I am sipping on Maxwell house Morning Cup brew. It's one of the best ones they make and I got a steal of a deal at Price chopper when they had 2 cans  for 5 bucks. I have to say when ever I am in coffee aisle the better the deal on it the better I feel about drinking coffee. Although in Holiday time I often will buy expensive coffee brands for a reward. I often find myself back on the middle grade coffee as the more expensive coffee gets inconsistent to taste. Not all coffee on sale is not fresh It's just the stores way of ridding it from the shelves to restock. What I plan to do later on to the blog is redesign it and make it more user friendly.

    What are some colors you like about blogs? On Contrary I've always love to review products It's just a great hobby. Sure I don't get paid but I get free products complimentary of the sender so I can show the bad and good of a product. I don't solicit to companies they find me some how and I am very grateful for that. I have submitted my blog to many search engines and find that Submit Start has to be one of the first ones I've used that helps to submit to most and all search engines so that your blog or website gets users to find it. I also in some ways are able to get places I do reviews for to refer my site to customers If they feel I've done good representation of their products. My main goal on the blog is to get products to review Honestly and to help people choose products that are worth buying. I for one will not spend money to review a product, If a person wants me to review a product they should send it free. As far as fees go It's on them to disclose a fee or no fee. It's not that important to me. To change the subject I bought an Adult Coloring book and have colored pencils It's one of those things to do when stressed. I have a few books by E L James I still haven't read yet. They are so exciting that I can only read one chapter at a time. My days are Entering freebie websites and entering Sweeps.
           Here is a page that Looks so darn cute from the adult coloring book. I just love Owls.   
I have to go now because I have to start my day! Another cup of Java in the works. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Going out of Business Sale Fine China and more Great Sale

Going Out of Business Sale for whatever reason my sister needs to sell all her items in her house and move. It would really help If someone would help. Thanks for coming by today.

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