Monday, October 20, 2014

Apple Crisp recipe Easy and Copycat Apple Crisp mix like the stores

Apple Crisp recipe 

Makes 2 servings
Put in bowl
1 TBl flour
4 Tbl brown sugar
1 heal from bread make bread crumbs
1/4 cup half and half


Add peeled and cored, cut apples in a skillet with water just enough to cover tops I use water half way on high do this and apple slices will eventually soak up all water and will be soft.

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     Another skillet add 2tbl Butter let butter melt on medium heat than add  the flour mixture to the butter and mix than add half and half. 1 min. 

  Once apples in other skillet have no water left add the mixture of the flour mixture stir to combine than add 1 TBl of butter and sprinkle on top brown sugar serve with icecream. 

   Might take 15 to 20 minutes or less. The thing that takes long is the cutting and letting the apples soak up the water on high heat. The water will bubble and evaporate in the apples. I use Honey crisp and Red Delicious apples. 

.Alternative version instead of the dry items above or breadcrumbs my copycat

  So much better than the store. 

Apple Crisp dry mix
3 Tsp flour
1 tsp Cornstarch
6 Tbl brown sugar
1/4 tsp Cinnamon
Add all together in a bowl add to 2tbl of butter than add to the apple mixture than add half and half. Stir to combine sprinkle some brown sugar on top and serve.

    My husband loves this recipe. Serve Apple Crisp with  scoop of Vanilla ice cream. I made this recipe myself. If you love it comment.For all my fans that see the Volcanica adds please support me by clicking the links and buying a bag of coffee. Even just a small bag would help and it's 10% off right now. Thanks. Have a great day. An Apple a Day Keeps the Dr. Away.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Basily Stainless Steel Ice cubes review


   I was not paid for this review. I received the product free to review. Don't you just hate watered down drinks. You have a hot bottle of wine and you just want a cold drink and regular ice cubes make you unhappy.  You can buy Basily Stainless Steel Ice cubes. Basily Stainless Steel Ice Cubes do not leave you with an aftertaste like some water ices do. Forget watered down Wine because Basily will not water down your good expensive drink. You can use Basily in any drink. I find that the less of a drink you put in a glass like three fourths up will get cold. Using Caution when putting the Stainless Ice Cubes In the glass.
I used tea I will try out other drinks. Actually Basily Stainless Steel Ice cubes keeps drinks colder longer. I tried the tea and it  is cold for an hour. Basily Stainless Steel Ice cubes are backed by Fda. Are recyclable. I just wash  Basily Stainless Steel in warm water and soap. Dry with paper towel place in bag that it came with and place in freezer for a couple hours. Within hours I can enjoy a nice cocktail without the ice. Watered down drinks make me crazy. I don't mind having Ice water. I just think that Ice cubes from water ruin the taste of a perfectly good drink.  After the Basily Stainless Steel Ice cubes are in the freezer I take them out and put them in a drink I want to instantly make cold.  The more stainless steel ice cubes you use the more cold the drink is. The pack contained four stainless steel ice cubes. The touch of the cubes are cold. The cubes are shaped in a heart and have Basily name on them. Love the taste of my drinks. Basily Stainless Steel Ice cubes are great and do not take up much room. I would buy another set and give as gifts. Would you enter a sweeps to  Basily Stainless Steel Ice cubes? I'm working with Volcanica coffee on buying some coffee and offering review, than a giveaway they'll sponsor. Does this sound good. I have to go now. Sorry for little to small posts. Have a great weekend. Love them Royals. Can't wait to watch World Series on TV of course would love to have went but can't afford $1,500. How about you?Check out my YouTube video of Basily Stainless Steel Ice cubes review. I just love my readers. Next post will be about Easy Simple Apple Crisp for Two. I made it yesterday and hubby loves it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lego Land KC Discovery Center Visit with Pictures

         Sometimes the best thing to do when  you go to the Lego Land Discovery Center in Kansas City,Missouri is to plan ahead for the tickets. The best time to go is at 11-12 time slot. It's when you'll have the most chances of getting in and not having to wait to long. Here are some Pictures Below of the Place. My mom,sister,her two kids my nephews went and I was trying to help out there with the kids. The place is more for kids ages 5-15 but If your kid is 2 and under their free. A group picture we didn't pick up that's first. You ride down an elevator to get to Lego Land. Their was a Mini world of miniature places of Kc. I didn't take very many pictures because it's so much better in person. KC arrowhead, kansas speedway, Royals stadium all in minitures. Their is no tour guide. I would recommend the activity packs you can buy for kids because that helps you know where to go next and also get a prize in the end gift shop when you ask because he was a birthday kid the gift shop employee gave him a free poster. Make sure the kids wear socks so they can play in the play area of tunnels and slides. My nephew enjoyed the race car building his own car and he won all the races. Their is a whole section dedicated to Star Wars where you can say hi to Rd-d2 and his friend C-3PO. Don't forget to ride the Merlin ride that goes round and round the ride moves up if you peddle on the bike peddles. I rode with the smallest member of the group and he couldn't reach the peddles so ours stayed lower to the ground. But I'm sure he actually jumped back in line to want to do it again. The first ride is a Camelot ride where the ride has virtual screens and Lazer guns to shoot bad trolls on the screen. The Wizard of Oz was neat in Legos.  Within 3 to 4 hours the kids wanted to eat and we left after that. We had the cake I made for my nephews Birthday. He turned 9. He was so excited to see Aunt Amanda got the cake topper of Eminem he loves. The Fondant was tricky my mom helped roll it out. So we could get it on the frosted cake, cut it and pipe around cake topper. These are not all the photos I took but there my favorite ones. LEGOLAND is more for kids and worth going once when your adult, if the child is fairly young they would appreciate it more when their older. It's an experience. All kids would love this Legoland  for kids. I was not compensated for this article or paid for review. If you come to Kc check it out best if you preorder tickets online 24 hours ahead and have confirmation number to hand to the cashier towards front. I have to get going. Bye for now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Healthy Battered Baked Chicken

ADD Seperate PLATE 1
1 cup French's Fried onions crushed

ADD TO  Seperate PLATE 2
1/4 cup flour
Garlic powder
Onion powder

Add to a bowl
3TBL Guldens mustard
2 TBL Honey
6 tsp brown sugar
1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice

Need 1 to 2 LBS of Boneless skinless chicken breasts.Preheat oven 400F cook for 20min.

  1 to 2lb of skinless chicken breasts Trim chicken fat discard, wash chicken, cut in half vertically will make 1 Breast 2. Take chicken pound down with rolling pin. Flat. I always have a parchment paper over it while I'm hitting the chicken down flat. Now take paper towel soak all the wetness off chicken breasts. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Now batter dip both sides of chicken with mustard sauce than add chicken  to flour and last fried onions. <a target="_blank" href=""><img src=""  border="0"></a>Add to lined parchment paper cookie sheet. Put  these items in a line for easy way to add to cookie sheet. Towards the end you might have to add more french onions. Done in 20 minutes on 400F. Served best with brown gravy and mash potatoes.

Enjoy the food.

I'm reviewing
A product just made the first video it's up on my YouTube channel. There be 2 videos. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Donut making easy and cheap

Donut making easy and cheap

I used 

1 can buttermilk biscuits
1 inch of vegetable/canola oil mixed. Probably close to a cup.
1 skillet
1 frosting tip to make donut holes
1 tub of frosting Pillsbury
Optional sprinkles.

    Add oil to skillet let it preheat on medium my stove top I put on setting 6 for frying not high. Next cut out holes with frosting tip in middle the cut outs you can use to fry also later. Drop each biscuit into the preheated grease cook about 1 to 2 minutes one  side shows brown flip turn on other side. Donuts are done when both sides are light brown. Move donuts to a plate with paper towels on it to drain grease. Add a little coat of frosting on top and sides, when it's somewhat cool add more frosting and added sprinkles on top. Cost to make 3 bucks with Aldi brand biscuits and oil. Regular grocery Store price  a dozen cost 10 bucks. If you go to my YouTube videos you can see a video of me making these. Link on the top of page.

Monday, October 6, 2014

BOOKIT ALUMNI GET A FREE Personal Pan From Pizza Hut



       Hi there, have you ever been involved with Bookit? If not you can also score a free Pizza. Being an Alumni is a good thing and theirs not much to do. BOOKIT ALUMNI CLICK HERE. Go  to The Link get your FREE Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza hut,Carryout 1 topping Pizza. Will take over 24-48 hours to get the email with the code. Anyone can join. Most Pizza Huts accept these but you must order online to get the deal. Save your Order Number in case they ask for that. It is a big Celebration I am also as old as BOOKIT! program.

I am doing a late post. It's been pretty cool 50 degrees a bit cold. I had a cold when I woke up. Now for some Vitamin C. More posts later on.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

I just Recieved the Product to Review,Check CVS for FREE MONEY,Halloween Not Just a Holiday

I just Recieved the Product to Review                

     Can you guess what product?  If you love to drink wine you'll love when you have a hot glass of wine that you can cool to cooling temps without ICE. Yes I gave you a hint. In the next few days I will put it up of a review of this product. I haven't done much with reviews. I do socially send links to all social networks I am linked to.  I just scored 7 dollars on my CVS card and If you shop there I would advise you to check your email or scan your card at their Kiosk in store. They always send you some nice Extra Care bucks at the first of the month.

      I was able to use the 7 dollars on cake mix,some baking items and frosting. I am making a cake for my nephew that has a Eminem Rice paper that I just received Royal Mail from the UK. I was able to customize it on Ebay buy. I personally will show a photo of the cake. I suppose I bought the frosting to add in between the layers of the cake because frosting sometimes tastes really good. The cake for my nephew who wanted an Eminem Cake topper and he  wants a Vanilla cake with Butter cream. I have to make butter cream frosting this week. A good day out for the kids,grandma and grandpa, my sister their mother. We are suppose to Go to Lego Land KC Discovery sometime this week. It's going to be something for the kids. My Nephews and Nieces are my favorite kids to be around. Last Time we went to the park. One year we went to Fun House Pizza In Lees Summit,Missouri for there Birthday and who knows where we will eat this year. I can't decide putting individual candles or number candles. What would you do?

Halloween Not Just a Holiday

      Maybe when I was a little girl we celebrated Halloween but I don't really. I just hand out candy. As a teenager my parents insisted we enjoy going to church for Halloween, which is a more safe way but it wasn't as fun as trick or treating. I think kids have the right to enjoy as much door to door as possible as long as It's in a safe place and you know your neighbors. I once had up the street where I used to live as a kid a dentist who would hand out tooth brush and toothpaste. He was the nicest guys ever. Where we live is not much but I do have a long walk up drive. I almost dread Halloween these days although I do give out candy just for the kids. I recognize Halloween as all Saints Day. We decorate our houses in front with Pumpkin Jack'o lanterns,Cobwebs and Spooky, witches and ghosts. In the Retail world It makes a pretty penny. As soon as Halloween is here It's time for Christmas decorations up in the store. It is as If Thanksgiving is not early enough or as Celebrated as Christmas is.
    As with Halloween Beliefs Many believe the Spirits of the dead come back on Halloween and we must dress our faces up like the dead to trick them to go back into their afterlife(Latin America). Lots of Spooky Talk. I suppose in any sense can drive you to madness. What do you believe? Have you seen any ghosts in your lifetime? How about Angels? Does worshiping Halloween or Celebrating it apart of your Culture? Do you make Sugar Skulls for Halloween and If you do what do you use them for? I have always been Fascinated with Sugar Skulls. Many Have traditions to leave these Sugar Skulls and fruit,feasts Enticing the Spirits to take the blessing of abundance and lets them rest to go back into the underworld. Tell me your first experiences with the Paranormal. I always believe the people who die go to their final spiritual place but a different plane, a different dimension but some are blessed to come to watch the ones that they pray so much for. Even though their gone in human form they are still around patiently waiting for you to join. I have had my fair share of Activity.  As in sensitivity I have some. Well I have to get to doing some posting and such.