Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Banana Pancakes no flour


   I love Pancakes here's a recipe that I used to make some today. Did I  mention no flour.
2 eggs whipped in separate bowl
2 bananas
smashed with fork
DASH Cinnamon
1/4 TSP Vanilla extract.
1 Tbl Butter or coconut oil
I find that the butter works the best because I tried coconut oil. 

      Add Cinnamon and Vanilla to the bowl of smashed bananas than add whipped eggs.
Set stove to medium high I used 6 on small Burner with medium skillet.
Add the butter to a non stick skillet on the stove let it melt. Drop mixture with spoon to make small pancakes add 3 pancakes  to skillet. Within 1 to 3 minutes( each side) tell you see white edges than flip to other side. Keep butter in the skillet because it helps to brown the outside and keep the pancakes from sticking. When done add to a plate. Add butter but it don't need it really I added honey on top so good. I would make these again with a coffee nearby. 

      Many wonder why I would make pancakes with bananas when flour is in the kitchen, this is a very healthy recipe I created.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs Review

       I was able to try Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs about a Month ago. It was quite a very shock that I was able to get a complimentary product from Influenster as I hadn't had a product in about a few months. Sally Hansen makes a product that is easy to apply with your hand a squirt from a tube and application to the legs ,it's so easy,It's not expensive and I didn't have to go to the Salon. I find that the product stays on my legs all day. A good shower and soap will remove the Air Brush Legs product.  Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs comes in a light and a dark. I received the light shade to review. The Light shade was just right for my legs although my legs look bronze in the photo in real life reality the shade was just right for my legs. I never get outside to sun tan and I sure as well do not have the money to pay someone to spray me,

       It would be so embarrassing, The photos above are true photos of my legs a before application and after application of the Airbrush legs by Sally Hansen.I know people do get spray tans but I am not the kind of person who feels comfortable getting undressed in front of a complete stranger. I find this product also comes in a spray but I recieved the tube of Air Brush Legs from Sally Hansen to review. I do show a Tutorial on Instagram @phoenixbirdcatchesfire If you want to see. The smell was scentless I just couldn't smell much of any odors coming from the tube. It took about 30 seconds to a minute for the Airbrush Product to dry on my legs applying in sections from bottom of leg to top. Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs is  also waterproof so even though I took a shower to rid of the Airbrush product I still had to wipe my legs off real good to get rid of the product on my legs.  Although I would love If this product was able to stay on the legs even after a shower or last a week, It sure is a nice product.

     I enjoyed my husband and I's date night. He seen my legs and he said they were sexy. :-) I got a really big chuckle over it and I said that I had Airbrush Legs on from Sally Hansen,he was surprised. You can buy Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs at CVS,Target,Walgreens,Kmart,Rite Aid,Dollar General all coming for there store locator on SallyHansen website. I know the product works I would buy it for special occasions to look extra stunning.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Roasterie Breakfast Blend

Today is National coffee day so have a happy one!
         The Roasterie  Breakfast Blend strong when I say strong I mean caffeine is there and I'm awake coffee with the first cup,fresh and first sip tasted as a breakfast blend would, mellow,mild and makes me want to drink more. Breakfast blend seems to be a usual blend to have in the morning. Breakfast blend is just right not bitter and seems to provide a smooth taste cup of coffee. 
     Just the right amount of acidicity. I happen to love the flavor,aroma and smells like home sweet home when my dad would open up a new tub of coffee ripping the fresh seal ,out  comes the fresh coffee bean smell thats been waiting to come out. A very welcoming feeling when enjoying this blend. I used a Drip coffee maker and white cone filter,always clean,filtered cold water makes the difference. I happen to love Roasterie coffee Breakfast Blend you can buy at Target stores. Received sample complimentary for review. I also want to mention they have The Roasterie website to check out more information on the history and Kansas city,Missouri location. When I go to the store and spot this brand I'm not going to do a double take I'm going to buy some. 

The Roasterie Don Quijote Cafe de Costa Rica

The Roasterie Don Quijote taste great,flavorable as soon as the coffee bag was opened the smell leaked out the bag into the air an immediate coffee aroma. The whole bag was used as it contained 8 tbl worth. I prepared the Don Quijote in a Drip coffee maker,  has to be the most sweet smelling coffee I've ever had. No bitterness and very fresh tasting Roasterie coffee has out did itself on this roast of coffee. I added sugar and cream to my coffee in the cup which tasted really good in Don Quijote Cafe de Costa Rica. 

          This roast does not taste black which usually makes coffee taste burnt but that was not the case here,Don Quijote was roasted just right and preground. Don Quijote  is quite mild an undistinguished taste. No after taste in the coffee and coffee gives me a quick jolt of energy so I can go about my day. The coffee blend is one you may sip slowly to enjoy all the taste of the unique blend. I enjoyed the coffee with my breakfast of fried eggs,toast and hash browns. Received sample complimentary for review. I want to say that I would buy Don Quijote The Roasterie is a local coffee brand in Kansas City,Missouri. The Roasterie  Don Quijote is sold in Target stores.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Roasterie Coffee Kansas City Blend


     Kansas City Blend coffee taste Bold,Flavorable ,Smooth not as hard acidic ,non bitter coffee as I'm a person that loves a simple coffee that is mild this was more smoother than a mild blend. This coffee blend tasted so much different than any other coffees I have tried. 

    What makes it different than others is that it is air roasted coffee that tastes as fresh as If I had ground the  beans before brewing today as well as being a local brand. The smell of Kansas City blend in the air as it was brewing was a bit fruit smelling,earthy,yet the coffee smell was there I paired the coffee with a plain Bagel and strawberry cream cheese. 

    When I prepared Kansas City Blend at home using a clean drip coffee maker,clean pitcher and purified water from my fridge. I used 2 tbl measuring spoon  of coffee grounds per 6 oz water as it says to do on the side of the coffee bag,now  on my coffee pot says 10 cups on my glass pitcher so I added 10 tablespoons.

     I add a little 2 percent milk to my coffee and a few tablespoons of honey for sweetness it tasted ok the honey over powered the coffee blend with honey the less honey I added the better it was. I love sweet coffee but it should never overpower the taste of coffee.

   The coffee samples  received are preground. I  tried the Kansas City Blend without milk with 2 tablespoons  of white Sugar and  I love it that way. I dont usually drink coffee without cream or milk. I love that I do not have to add to much sugar to this coffee as I do with other branded coffees. Kansas City blend seemed to be ground just right ground  coarse brewed  using a Drip coffee maker. How I felt while drinking this coffee?Made me feel relaxed,ready to for the day!

I enjoyed 3 cups of coffee in the nice Roasterie coffee mug I was given. Air can cause coffee to go bad so I wrapped the  coffee bag and tied with a clip. 
    I happen to love this The Roasterie Kansas City Blend brand and all look for it at Target when I run out. This is a coffee that I feel is high quality and I'd rather support local business. Try it If you want a change in your coffee routine as always sold at Target. If you want to see the reveal of all coffee samples go to my instagram @phoenixbirdcatchesfire 
Thanks for Reading. Have a wonderful Coffee day!
 Received samples complimentary.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Just Received The Roasterie coffee

Hi, there been a long weekend and the start of the Mondays. I just received The Roasterie four coffee samples complimentary to review which came today and received a nice mug along with it. I also love the hand written note. For many that do not know The Roasterie is a local Kansas City,Missouri coffee company. The Roasterie is sold at Target and many more places. 

     I just thought I would touch base. It has been awhile since the blog has had products to review and I love coffee so soon I will take photos,review the coffee and be sure to follow me on Instagram at @phoenixbirdcatchesfire to see videos of the coffee being made. Drink Coffee today!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thieves Essential oils by Healing solutions


    Your probably wondering about Theives essential oil as it was once used by gypsies 15th century in the time of the black plague to keep from getting the black plague. Theives Essential oil will kill a cold,open up sinuses,open up a congested chest,will kill the flu,fend you from the plague and has a pleasant smell. 100 percent pure grade oil Health Shield by Healing Solutions. I love  the cinnamon smell of theives, cloves,lemon,Euclyptus and Rosemary oils this blend of theives works wonders,I was suprised easy it is to apply the oil with my fingers.
    I've used Theives Essential oil  in my scentsy burner with old wax melts. The smell of the melts is gone but the essential oil smells really good added. Another great use is by putting 10 drops of Theives to 10 drops of Francinsence In a 3 oz spray bottle, 1 tsp vinegar filled rest up with water. It makes the smell of dirty feet go away. I had a sore throat a day ago and I put Theives oil right on my throat and under my nose. I than slept part of the day within the next day my sore throat was gone. THIEVES oil is all natural way to get rid of sickness without having to see a doctor. Their is a way to put Theives Essential oil in a air humidifyer I have not tried.
   Another use of Theives is to put a drop in a cup in the dishwasher to disinfect the dishwasher without dishes in dishwasher. I like using vinegar 2 tbl In a cup on top rack for my rinseaid for a regular wash,seems like all the extra food that would redeposit on the dishes lands in the vinegar cup . I received Theives Essential oil (Health Sheild)by Healing Solutions complimentary for my honest opinion. If your interested in Buy Theives the link will take you right to the product I tried. If your looking for an all natural product to keep your family from sickness  buy Thieves oil.

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