Saturday, September 27, 2014

Low Calorie Margarita Recipe just 101 see how to make

    I know that Margaritas are made with Lime Juice, Tequila and added lemon flavor  added salt to rim, some Ice when I get Pro Bar mix at the liqour store than I Know THE Margarita Mix is more lemon like, sweet yet has a sour taste flavor as known as Sweet and Sour. I am all for treating myself to a few drinks.  I don't always have the items to make Margaritas. Here's what you need and extra cheap. 

LOW Calorie Margarita recipe

1 packet of Crystal light Lemonade follow package directions to put in pitcher with water.
1 . 12 oz glass add salt , dip glass in small amount of crystal light on plate than add salt to outside to another plate with salt. Adding salt will add more CALORIES.
Add 10 oz Crystal light Lemonade to glass.
4 Oz Ice
1 Oz of Alce Negro Gold Tequila 40% Alcohol 80 PROOF

Salt to rim (optional)Add Ice to glass than Crystal Light Lemonade to glass, Tequila,
Stir with straw. ENJOY!
96 Tequila 1.5 oz 1 shot
 according to Calorie King online.
Crystal Light Lemonade 
 5 per glass.
101 Calorie Margarita. 

I've been organizing my life. I can't tell you how much my sewing area had collected dust it looked like a year full of dust bunnies. I hope you enjoy the recipe. I am so excited to have a new girlfriend pop in to my life from the past. It makes me feel extra special my friend and I have been talking non stop and she remembers more about me than I can remember. It's so fun having girlfriends. We are gonna have to meet up sometime to catchup I haven't seen my friend since grade school. If you like this blog please check out Volcanica Coffee. I will be reviewing them once I get my bags of coffee, I'll order a few and have a video. Have a great day.  
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Crystal light Raspberry Ice Tea, Free ticket to Lego Land Kc for Birthday child

     Crystal light Raspberry Ice Tea taste like tea with added Raspberry flavor. It has a strong yet pleasant tea flavor, you'd never expect a product so flavorful as Crystal Light Raspberry Iced Tea.  No brewing tea or waiting add packet to pitcher fill up with good water and stir- serve. I LOVE the Raspberry flavored Iced Tea  good for cramps too. Good for a slight warm day first day of Autumn. Can't believe Summer is over. 
    At Price Chopper these 6 pack packages of Crystal Light  were on sale for 99 cents so I bought 4 different new flavors. My family will occasionally shop there for brands we need for cooking and things for Spaghetti secret recipe. I love Raspberry tea.
    I usually buy Celestial Seasons Raspberry Zinger in the tea aisle which is great too. These two taste alike. Although the brewed Raspberry Zinger is not sweet. Crystal light Raspberry is sweet yet it not to sweet. Raspberry has that bitter taste naturally. Plus no Calories or Sugar. Beats plain old water. It's worth buying Crystal light. I just don't want to spend more than 2 bucks for it when I can get a 12 pack of Diet Coke or Cola for 4 bucks. 


       I have a Birthday party to plan for nephew who turns 9. He wants to go to Lego Land Kc. We aren't that rich to go. I've found a way to lower cost a bit. They have a birthday club on the Legoland Kc website under groups or party's section see Birthday club. Birthday boy gets free admission to Lego World. Should be getting email soon. They must be under 12 to receive. Allow 1 month prior. Click here to Get your Free Ticket to Lego Land KC I was meaning to go to Dairy Queen to get the Coupon Booklets Dairy Queen has for Lego Land in the Metro area Buy 1 adult ticket get a child ticket free. I wish I  could of won tickets for my whole family but that's alright. I contacted Lego Land on Facebook and they almost certainly told me about Dairy Queen but did not happen to mention the Birthday Club they wouldn't even send me any coupons other than go to Dairy Queen. So I think these places are all out to make money. The Discovery KC is pretty new,near Crown Center. Even though I won't be playing on any of the Lego items, I am still charged $15.45 when I buy my tickets online and want to go in. I heard the walk up tickets are a good 20 bucks. The two Sea World and Lego Land together is a good 30 bucks per each child when you buy the tickets online. Not counting the extra tax. I will take photos when we go. So we can see what $15.45 costs. I know places have to make money, I am all for that. Its a really cool idea they have a Lego Land.   

    When I was growing up we never did anything that expensive per child. We went to the Dollar movies. The museum which was by Donation only. Our favorite time was to go to the park which was free to play.  We went to fairs which were free to go. They had days during the year which had festivals which were free and never paid. Going to Lego Land will be a luxury and to see all the neat Lego Builds they have. I love Star wars and I've heard they'll be some pretty cool exhibits. I am also having for the Birthday,making a fondant cake, I ordered a Waffle rice paper edible cake topper of his favorite band Eminem. It's gonna be something different I've never put the cake topper on a cake before It's gonna be something new. I am so new to making fondant too. I have a recipe that I found online which seems the easiest. Have you ever used Fondant? What is the highs and lows? Do you know the best way to set a cake topper on the cake? I love comments and suggestions. Have a Great day!

Friday, September 19, 2014

SMART Short Self Test Time Out Soved On Dell PC Checkup

     I've got a Dell computer and It's a Windows 7 anyways I've been doing some Maintenance today on cleaning up dust. My PC Checkup was saying SMART short self test time out. You may see a program called PC Checkup which helps you to detect anything wrong with your PC It usually comes free with Dell computers. If not search PC checkup at start.   If you already know well than you know what I am talking about. I have went to message board to message board trying to figure out what it was. I never found the answer. So what I did Is I took my mind out of the box. I decided to think of ways that I could improve the speed of the computer. Than I looked down at my computer tower. I sure haven't cleaned that poor thing in quite awhile internally. I am not someone who doesn't clean an item and let it go to the junk yard. I really try to keep care of items. Now Lets get to it. I don't want to bore you.

  • First we are going Shut off the power to your computer. 
  • Than we are going to remove the power cord to the computer that goes into the wall or Protection box. Making sure to remove all power from the back of tower. 
  • Than we are going to take a Phillips head screw driver and loosen the screws and take off store in a good place. 
  • Than We are going to take a Beauty brush(Cosmetic brush women use to apply Blush) and dust the insides with it gently to get out all the Dust Bunnies,dust the 2 Fans with it and all. Dust the outside where the holes are too and the fan outside.
  • Than once It's cleaned which should take 5 minutes. Snap back on the cover put the screws back in place. 
  • Put the power cord back into the back.
  •  Turn on the Switch to the power cord. Now your ready to go.
  • Turn on the Tower from the front power button.
  •  Go to PC Checkup run a Default Scan. 
  • You should have the error fixed. Sometimes when it gets really dirty inside than the components like fans start to deteriorate. I personally think Every Month would be good or every 2 months. Took over 10 minutes.

            Now my computer inside and out are really looking like new. It also makes a difference not having the extra dust on the side or inside and outside of computer. Hope your having a great day. Hope to one day to help others. Until Next time. Good day! TGIF

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sparkle with Thirst Pockets Paper towels, $1 Off Sparkle Paper Towels Sept 2014

  Sparkle with thirst Pockets paper towels were on sale for a couple dollars Cheaper always seeing a a bargain makes  the intensity of the Hunt Great find Sparkle paper towels with Thirst pockets were $6 for about Eight Rolls.

  First off I loved Sparkle previously that is what made me feel comfortable about buying Sparkle. The Sparkle towels were very rough to touch but about the same as any towel except for The blue dots on the paper towels that soak in moisture rather than take away moisture which some towels about the time you try to reuse start to get dry and break apart but not Sparkle it stays in one Piece. I can reuse the paper towel over 2-3 times before throwing it away. Squeezing out moisture is easy and wiping down a table is a snap too. Safe to use on Marble and Granite, all other surfaces,won't scratch them either.
      Video shows below of what I did. This was early in the morning. I used Antibacterial soap to show you that the surface  cleans real easy with the soap and water. All the photos can easily be zoomed in by clicking them. Sparkle Paper Towel coupon $1 Off.  Hope your enjoying your morning. It is over 11 pm right now and    I was hoping to get this video and review working. Do you ever take photos or videos and than forget about what you just did like take them for a review and than forget that you ever took video well that has happened to me lately. I have been taking a multivitamin that helps. My nephew is going to have a party next month and is coming down. We'll I so would love to take him but the tickets are expensive. Have you ever gone to Lego Land with your kids? What are your tips or help to getting the best for the buck? Going to bed soon. From the Midwest Until next time. Goodnight!

Finish 2 in 1 Tabs Do they work? $1 off Finish Gelpacs or Quantam Sept 2014 Coupons!!


    Often in question when you go to the grocery store you go down the aisle for the Dish Soap and your like which one should I choose? I would suggest Finish 2 in 1 Tabs. All you have to do is scrape the food off your bowls into the sink and than place dishes in the dishwasher. No pre-rinsing needed. The tabs require no guess work into how many to use,just use one and shut the door to the dish dispenser. You still have to use Rinse aid though in the Rinse aid compartment a good tip is to fill it back up when it gets half way to empty that way you don't have to fill as much up. The hard tabs are best. I have used the soft gel ones and their not as good for items that need to be scrubbed.  The dishwasher does not change colors like when using the other brands that cake the white residue in your dishwasher,it's a pain when you have a stainless steel finish inside. Finish 2 in 1 Tabs are about the average price 4-6 dollars. Before and After Videos. Finish Gelpacs or Quantam Coupons $1.00 off 1. Hurry print them while you can. These items are always in Category Household section.

The Second Video is on my Youtube Channel. Be sure to Join If you want to see the next video Finish 2 in 1 Video 2. I don't mind joining others If you send me the links. These Gelpacs work pretty good. The cost is worth it. 1 can get a whole load clean. The only thing I think sometimes happens is a little egg might get left behind on a spatula. A good butter knife to scrape it off and another rewash will clean it. I love not having to clean all my dishes by hand because I would be in the Kitchen tell morning. Saving money means saying no to Going out to Eat which means more Dishes to clean and pans. How about you? Do you love being able to use your dishwasher or do you have one? Ours is over 10 years old and It's a Kitchen Aid. After switching to Finish Detergent I've never had a single problem go wrong with the dishwasher.
Have you tried Finish yet? If not Why not? I hope to get more readers soon.  A few Giveaways to give away. Until next time. 
Have a Great Day! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tide Boost Pacs do they work?Tide coupons Sept 2014

Silk Shirt
Black Shirt
             I bought Tide Boost packs cheap at Walgreen's about a few weeks back and It baffled me when I read No pre-treating, I  thought hmm no stain spotting just throw in and it will do the stain fighting for me. Ok what do I have to lose but more time and it was real late at night,step daughter forgot to remove her laundry from the Clothes Washer she was at work and doesn't like her clothes touched. So I call her to have her remove them. Heres a video of what I did. Now mind you I put all kinds of colors in and blacks and two packs on heavy soil setting. On cold water. See they work good in cold water. I always set my fabric to Delicates that makes sure that the clothes don't wear out as fast. Cold water to save money.

       It is such a long ways down to put clothes in.  All colors where safe from the Bleach it contains. It contains a special kind of bleach that is color safe. Reminds of some  Color Safe bleach but in powder form in a pac. I've never been lazy about Stain treating but I think If a product can do it for you than it makes it more important to buy it.  It also contains a softener like treatment that softens the clothes which is probably the orange in the pac. Only 1 shirt which was a light blue needed to be re treated for stain. The clothes where soft. If your low on time and you don't want to spot treat use these pacs. You'll be happy you did. Some kind of clothes I used where Blue Denim like Jeans,Cotton,and Silk. Colors actually looked really good and Tide Boost pacs do work!      
                   I give the Tide Boost a 4 out of 5. Have you ever used these Tide Boost Pacs and do they work for you? If you did have a stain and it didn't work for you what kind was it? If you haven't heard of Tide Boost pacs. Tide Boost and Tide Pods are two entirely different products. My HE Machine is a Maytag Neptune. It is over probably 20 years old. My husband had this machine before I ever met him. It still works. Tide Boost and Detergent coupons If your Interested in Buying some Tide Boost and Tide Detergent. Their Printable.  Have a Great Day!



Monday, September 15, 2014

LOZO Coupons,Recycle Bank,Win a Banana Costume Delmonte,Are you paying High Prices or using Antenna?

 LOZO Coupons

Coupons are great when you  can find them but  If not you take to long to find and lose out on deals or limit reached for coupon and you can't print when you finally find the coupon. LOZO works like this ,Write A Grocery List on their site and Submit and LOZO finds the coupons for you. LOZO Emails you the coupons it didn't find when they become available. If you decide to try this coupon place out its free.

Recycle bank

    This is a place you view slideshow photos get points for doing that task,Quizzes and than take the reward points earned and use them towards Magazine subscriptions,Deals,Local Rewards from your town,Eco Friendly Deals from One Twine. 

    I love reading all the different ways to either save money or reuse old objects. Many ideas in Recycle Bank. Beauty Tips also on this site. Click Get Started on the Slideshows and go towards the end and click Earn Reward to get points on the Slideshow. 

Delmonte Win a Banana Costume

  Two ways to win submit your information than you can also submit a past Halloween Costume picture. Both ways earns you more entries especially when you share them with your friends.

Are you paying High Prices or using Antenna?

      Hope your having a Great day! Click the highlighted Links to go to the websites. I'll post more links to Social Networks through out the day! What social network do you follow me from? What is your favorite Article that I write so that I can figure out what works with the Blog. My dad called me today and is cutting his cable cord he said his bill was 150 bucks and that was what we where paying for. Expensive Cable and Satellite Company's Greedy as ever. We are so going to get rid of Satellite once our Contract is up. Do you still have Cable,Satellite? We are kind of stuck with the two places that offer service in our area. If you do have a Antenna what are you using and how many Channels?My husbands friend is letting us try out his Moho Antenna. Between 30-99 dollars an Antenna cost. 

     We where able to get Fox but not for sure how to get more channels. If your experienced in this I would like to know. What's the best Antenna to buy? As far as me knowing I am better at Computer work,programs and things of that manner. Gonna eat Lunch now. 

Enter To Win 2 Awarded