Monday, December 8, 2014

How to Make a Horse Head Wreath


        I am all up for Christmas right now. It is such a magical part of the year that brings out the best of people and lets us all enjoy the wonderful time with our Family and Friends. I have been scouring the Internet for ways to make a horse head wreath. I didn't have Chicken Wire like some posts tell you to get and I did have coat hangers, wire for crafts and needle nose plyers. I found a good Horse head pattern online but I made it bigger to 1500 by 1158 Pixels Saved it and than printed it off on paper. Your welcome to use the one that I did. Just open it up in Paint and resize.
Your going to need

  • 1 Needle nose pliers 
  • 2 Metal Coat hangers undone and straighten .
  • 1 Ribbon to cut in 4 ways -Stapler to keep them together. 
  • Wire for Crafts a a whole container. 
  • 30 to 60 pieces of Pine cut in 3 to 4 inch pieces. 
  • 1 Pattern of the Horse head of your choice.
Use Caution when making  this craft! I cannot be held liable for those who do not take precautions to bend the Coat hanger in the form for the horse. Always Keep the Coat hanger away from your body as you are doing this never near you Hold it out onto a  empty Table to bend the coat hanger. Atleast 3 Pieces cut  on one Coat hanger at least cut  12 inches off the Coat hanger these will be used for the middle pieces. I had two Coat hangers I used One entirely for the frame and the other would go towards in the inside frame that is the one I cut.  

             My Table is a little messy but I did have it quite cleared off for shaping. For those trying to shape the nose area you go down and bend and than up. It's easy to see How to shape once you've used the pattern to see. For the Hair just get Yarn and knot it and than apply it to the frame with Wire like the photo. It probably takes less than an hour. It's easier when you have all the materials available than you don't have to go looking for them. Add Ribbon at the back If you want to hang it up that way. I heard people use Velcro above their doors to add Wreaths just a suggestion So they don't have to put a Nail in the middle of their door. I added a bow that the bottom I just thought it looked pretty is all. You may zoom in on the pictures to see what instructions that I didn't include. Which was Stapling the Horses restrain. I personally wish I had,had real Hair to do this but than again I don't like cruelty to animals either. I have to get going. If you may one tell me how it turned out. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ZEP oxy and degreaser, Disinfectant review

                 Before and after I can only say I'm pretty happy to have used scent free Zep products. Thanks to Crowdtap I was able to sample.
I would definetly buy these products.
I don't like scents in products. I find these with no scents.  You can use without gloves these Zep products. Plus I like the fact I can use a degreaser in my sink. I cook meat than drain the grease in hot water with the disposal on. Grease is bad business for the sink, with Zep my sink looks like brand new no grease buildup, my sink was extra dirty. I used the All-Around Oxy Cleaner and degreaser to clean sink. My shower on the other hand I used the Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser and it started to remove grease oils from my shower floor. It keeps on looking whiter as I shower. The oxy must be working even after cleaning. I have used the Disinfectant on door knobs and on toilet seats. Cold and flu is upon us. I have used the Oxy in the bathroom vanity and it has nicely cleaned it. Using Zep Disinfectant on a rag to clean and disinfect keys on keyboard and computer mouse. Zep Disinfects in 5 seconds Disinfectant. Thank you Crowd tap for letting me review my friends love your product samples too. Zep offers Less Scrubbing and more time doing what I love.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to Remove the Save On Virus or Savve on Virus from Chrome


 I have successfully removed Save on Virus from Windows 7.  Double Click on Chrome to Open,Go to Chrome menu to your right the three lines than go to Settings,Click on Extensions,Put it on Developer Mode click it, Now It will say Savve on , than you'll see a long list of Characters in a folder underneath the description ~apps-App data-Chrome-**********, click on the link it will than open up a file on your computer delete all that is in that folder. Than re open Chrome go back to see If it is still their make sure to click the delete trash can next to Save On.Restart Chrome. Your Successful when you no longer See Save On or Savve on. I frequent Facebook and many other fun games so I don't know what has caused it. My Avast Anti-Virus was going pretty crazy saying I had a suspicious Item,and also was also popping up as mal. It was quite a headache. I hope I can help Others. Spybot and Adware,Malwarebytes did not find this file or detect it. If you need any help send me an email. In the obvious I download a few other programs that was recommended to me but they did not remove the Virus. Hitmanpro,Adware. I am hoping If someone else has the same problem they'll be able to get it solved as fast as possible. Your best bet If this is happening in Internet Explorer is to go to Settings The flower button---Internet Options---Advanced Tab and than click Reset and  Apply,yes. You could disable it on Internet Explorer. Your best bet is Resetting. I wish I could of shown you some Screen Shots but unfortunately I fixed it within minutes after figuring out how to do it. This Pesky Virus will cause your computer to be slow. Your Chrome will than stop working as expected.

Losing weight and some Great Cheap and Easy Ideas for Gifts this Christmas

This is a great article I found on about the health benefits of Losing Weight I often struggle with my weight. My family have been eating at home lately and eat low carb items. We go with instead of Potatoes, We make A Package of Cauliflower Cooked than  Mashed in a blender with no Fat Half and half and 2 Tbl I can't believe It's not butter. It's pretty good and It's so good. We Also incorporate Lean Chicken. Baked in the oven ,Broiled or Grilled on the George Foreman grill. I often go with a Honey Mustard sauce for the chicken which is pretty good. It makes the chicken extra Moist. I know I am not going to lose a whole bunch of weight setting all day so I put in an hour to half an hour a day of biking. Like me exercise gets quite boring unless I am watching a movie on tv I like. In all honesty when I was young I didn't have to exercise just seems unfair now I have to put every effort to. I can't wait to  lose some more weight. I know when my clothes fit nice on me. 

Who is having a Hard time getting Gifts?
If you answered yes Than I have some Ideas that may help. 
Auction site Free to Join,Free to List,Free to Buy Use Points Currency  and  not cash Free Shipping. (No Coupon listing.) 
Search Site Free to Join Earn a $5 Amazon,Burger King,Xbox Live,GameSpot Once a week just for searching the web. Google doesn't allow you to do it. You have to check it out It's legit.

I was browsing the web earlier and stumbled upon a giveaway that I thought you might enjoy (they're giving away Toys R Us Fab 15 Giveaway!)

Enter to win here:

When you enter using that link, I'll get an entry into the giveaway, too :)

I was browsing the web earlier and stumbled upon a giveaway that I thought you might enjoy (they're giving away Acer C720 Chromebook!!)

Enter to win here:

I have to get going. If you check my Twitter Feed I display as many giveaways as I can. That is another not so easy way to get gifts but many win. Also check my Pinterest for a Board called Make it yourself Christmas Gifts. I am making my family Fudge this year I am going for Cookies and Cream Fudge,Peanut Butter Fudge, and maybe chocolate fudge in homemade individual boxes and added gift tags. Have a Great Day! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

I am recieving a Cleaning Product to review

             I am reviewing some Zep Product soon that I received off It's going to be one great thing. I am going to be able to use Zep to clean some of the items I have in my home. I was going to use it on the Bathroom. I will also share what I know about it and how well it cleans next time. I know you can buy Zep at Home Depot and Lowes. I have been talking with Volcanica Coffee sponsor and they want to offer us a Free Giveaway for Christmas time. I haven't ordered any of their coffee yet so that I could offer a review. I love to review products. I also love to cook. I cooked another Macaroni and cheese last night except for I used real cheddar cheese,colby and than added bread crumbs on top. It was so good. This is Halloween tonight. I think all be slipping into something comfortable and not giving out Candy this year. We just have some really big expenses to deal with. It's not that I don't love handing out candy. It's my favorite part to hand candy out and see trick or treaters. I think what really gets to be less and less of trick or treaters from last year, plus it's very cold and is going to be very cold tonight for them to be out. My parents take the grand kids for Trunk or Treat where they get as much candy as their heart contents. I think lots of people are doing the indoor thing. Every year 20 to the amount of trick or treaters. I do get the teenagers too that come from the lake. Sometimes it surely suprises me when I see teenagers trick or treat. I don't know If their is a limit on age for Trick or Treaters.

       I've for the life of me never made Caramel Apples. I know how to make them though because I've made similar candy. I've had many Caramel Apples in my lifetime as a kid. I always worry about my teeth. So indulging in something so sweet, sticky and somewhat hazardous to teeth.

    I love Honey Crisp Apples . The best Apples I've ever tried. Fudge is also a Sweet treat I love to make. I was thinking of making some. It's so good that I don't know how long I can wait to make it. I just seen the new Croissont maker you add the egg,Bacon,cheese and crossoint or biscuit to the contraption. I want to show you what a Real unprocessed one looks like that I made on the skillet. It does not look like the ones on breakfast menus. It's so good. I save Biscuits from the day before in a Tupperware sealed. I heat each Biscuit up wrapped in a paper towel heated in the microwave for 30 seconds.
I prepare the cheese.
I've saved my precooked bacon from the day before and reheat back up wrapped in a paper towel 30 Seconds to a min. I cook the Wisked 2 eggs in a skillet on high trying to keep it all in a square and flipping the scrambled eggs. Enjoy Halloween. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Easy Macaroni And Cheese with Recipe

8 Tbl flour
1/2 tsp Salt
1/4 tspPepper
1 TBL Cornstarch
Put in a cup mixed together.

8 Tbl Butter
4 cups of 2%Milk room temp
1 Cup Colby  cheese
2 Cups Velveeta cheese cut up in chunks
16 oz Elbow Macaroni cooked for 12 min drained. Do the Noodles first.
1 deep casserole dish sprayed with Pam.

Do the Noodles first. Add Butter melt in big skillet on low, add flour mixture usings a wisk to mix should see a  thick mixture called a roux start adding milk little by little using a wisk keep stirring constantly. Until all milk and ingredients are combined. Keep wisking, this is like making a gravy. As soon as the mixture boils and thickens add the cheese to combine it's ok at this point to put the skillet off the burner to add the cheese than put skillet back on low burner to melt the cheese completely in the skillet. Add Elbow macaroni to skillet with cheese mixture mix together add to Casserole dish Bake 400 for 20 minutes. FEEDS 8 people. 

Should bubble on top when done. Dinner is served. I had this dinner with Garlic bread. Put cool remaining macaroni in a bowl with plastic wrap on top and put in fridge. 

TIP reheating the Macaroni in microwave safe bowl add plastic wrap on top of bowl add a vent at a corner. Add a few Tbl of butter on Macaroni. Good at 2 minutes on high take plastic wrap off and eat. It's so filling to eat. A bowl a person will do.

2 cups=16 Oz
8 Tbl is about 1/4 cup

If you have A Problem Getting THE Gravy To COOK YOU Might Wanna Put the stove up To 2 more degrees than back down to low. Eventually it will get thick. This Macaroni and cheese is so easy to heat back up and still is not dry. Before I start cooking I lay all my ingredients out on a counter measured out in cups or bowls. It's easier to cook fast when you do. I took a photo below that depicts Cold Macaroni and Cheese. I have to be creative when I cook because we don't always feel like going out to eat or affording to go out to eat. Share with all your friends. I love my readers. I really love readers. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Apple Crisp recipe Easy and Copycat Apple Crisp mix like the stores

Apple Crisp recipe 

Makes 2 servings
Put in bowl
1 TBl flour
4 Tbl brown sugar
1 heal from bread make bread crumbs
1/4 cup half and half


Add peeled and cored, cut apples in a skillet with water just enough to cover tops I use water half way on high do this and apple slices will eventually soak up all water and will be soft.

<a target="_blank" href=""><img src=""  border="0"></a>  

     Another skillet add 2tbl Butter let butter melt on medium heat than add  the flour mixture to the butter and mix than add half and half. 1 min. 

  Once apples in other skillet have no water left add the mixture of the flour mixture stir to combine than add 1 TBl of butter and sprinkle on top brown sugar serve with icecream. 

   Might take 15 to 20 minutes or less. The thing that takes long is the cutting and letting the apples soak up the water on high heat. The water will bubble and evaporate in the apples. I use Honey crisp and Red Delicious apples. 

.Alternative version instead of the dry items above or breadcrumbs my copycat

  So much better than the store. 

Apple Crisp dry mix
3 Tsp flour
1 tsp Cornstarch
6 Tbl brown sugar
1/4 tsp Cinnamon
Add all together in a bowl add to 2tbl of butter than add to the apple mixture than add half and half. Stir to combine sprinkle some brown sugar on top and serve.

    My husband loves this recipe. Serve Apple Crisp with  scoop of Vanilla ice cream. I made this recipe myself. If you love it comment.For all my fans that see the Volcanica adds please support me by clicking the links and buying a bag of coffee. Even just a small bag would help and it's 10% off right now. Thanks. Have a great day. An Apple a Day Keeps the Dr. Away.