Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tide Boost Pacs do they work?Tide coupons Sept 2014

Silk Shirt
Black Shirt
             I bought Tide Boost packs cheap at Walgreen's about a few weeks back and It baffled me when I read No pre-treating, I  thought hmm no stain spotting just throw in and it will do the stain fighting for me. Ok what do I have to lose but more time and it was real late at night,step daughter forgot to remove her laundry from the Clothes Washer she was at work and doesn't like her clothes touched. So I call her to have her remove them. Heres a video of what I did. Now mind you I put all kinds of colors in and blacks and two packs on heavy soil setting. On cold water. See they work good in cold water. I always set my fabric to Delicates that makes sure that the clothes don't wear out as fast. Cold water to save money.

       It is such a long ways down to put clothes in.  All colors where safe from the Bleach it contains. It contains a special kind of bleach that is color safe. Reminds of some  Color Safe bleach but in powder form in a pac. I've never been lazy about Stain treating but I think If a product can do it for you than it makes it more important to buy it.  It also contains a softener like treatment that softens the clothes which is probably the orange in the pac. Only 1 shirt which was a light blue needed to be re treated for stain. The clothes where soft. If your low on time and you don't want to spot treat use these pacs. You'll be happy you did. Some kind of clothes I used where Blue Denim like Jeans,Cotton,and Silk. Colors actually looked really good and Tide Boost pacs do work!      
                   I give the Tide Boost a 4 out of 5. Have you ever used these Tide Boost Pacs and do they work for you? If you did have a stain and it didn't work for you what kind was it? If you haven't heard of Tide Boost pacs. Tide Boost and Tide Pods are two entirely different products. My HE Machine is a Maytag Neptune. It is over probably 20 years old. My husband had this machine before I ever met him. It still works. Tide Boost and Detergent coupons If your Interested in Buying some Tide Boost and Tide Detergent. Their Printable.  Have a Great Day!



Monday, September 15, 2014

LOZO Coupons,Recycle Bank,Win a Banana Costume Delmonte,Are you paying High Prices or using Antenna?

 LOZO Coupons

Coupons are great when you  can find them but  If not you take to long to find and lose out on deals or limit reached for coupon and you can't print when you finally find the coupon. LOZO works like this ,Write A Grocery List on their site and Submit and LOZO finds the coupons for you. LOZO Emails you the coupons it didn't find when they become available. If you decide to try this coupon place out its free.

Recycle bank

    This is a place you view slideshow photos get points for doing that task,Quizzes and than take the reward points earned and use them towards Magazine subscriptions,Deals,Local Rewards from your town,Eco Friendly Deals from One Twine. 

    I love reading all the different ways to either save money or reuse old objects. Many ideas in Recycle Bank. Beauty Tips also on this site. Click Get Started on the Slideshows and go towards the end and click Earn Reward to get points on the Slideshow. 

Delmonte Win a Banana Costume

  Two ways to win submit your information than you can also submit a past Halloween Costume picture. Both ways earns you more entries especially when you share them with your friends.

Are you paying High Prices or using Antenna?

      Hope your having a Great day! Click the highlighted Links to go to the websites. I'll post more links to Social Networks through out the day! What social network do you follow me from? What is your favorite Article that I write so that I can figure out what works with the Blog. My dad called me today and is cutting his cable cord he said his bill was 150 bucks and that was what we where paying for. Expensive Cable and Satellite Company's Greedy as ever. We are so going to get rid of Satellite once our Contract is up. Do you still have Cable,Satellite? We are kind of stuck with the two places that offer service in our area. If you do have a Antenna what are you using and how many Channels?My husbands friend is letting us try out his Moho Antenna. Between 30-99 dollars an Antenna cost. 

     We where able to get Fox but not for sure how to get more channels. If your experienced in this I would like to know. What's the best Antenna to buy? As far as me knowing I am better at Computer work,programs and things of that manner. Gonna eat Lunch now. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Another trip well spent

Shopping at Aldi
    Went shopping today at Aldi  for groceries today. I love fajitas and picked up more for tacos and fajitas list, it sure helps saving my list from last week on my phone. Be sure to check my mixes If you want to make the Fajitas . Grocery bill cost 86 bucks. It was great not over spending. Its not getting any cheaper at the regular grocery store either. The highest prices of ground beef I've ever seen in my life ranging from $4.81 to $5.99 a pound. I usually buy Aldi 93% lean $4.91 a pound and I just buy 1 pound a package to save on hamburger. Ground beef should be 1.99 a pound ot the least 2.00.
ALDI Kcups
     I love the Kcups Guatemalan light roast Simply organic it's so good. My other favorite Is Beaumont  Hazelnut flavored coffee K cups. Only thing I couldn't find at Aldi is drinking straws, which my husband needs and I love to use Straws it makes drinking coffee easier so that it's not to hot. If your needing to save money go to Aldi to shop, the prices will surprise you in a good way. I can't wait to try Volcanica coffee I'm affiliate if you buy it helps me from my link.
Weather and work
  It was a nice chilly weather upper 60. Missouri has its coo coo weather. I might have to pull some brush from my rock garden. 4 rose bushes died this year. We ended up with lots of clover and what I name as cacaburells nasty buggers. When I use the trimmer around the house cacaburells be around any and everywhere they get on my clothes and in my hair that is why I wear a hat when I do this and some goggles keep excess grass out. I don't like the trimmers hum it also makes my hands swell up and I continually shake. My husband's role he mows the grass and takes care of garage. I do the cooking, cleaning and laundry. My favorite part of the day is getting the mail, when their is  some samples or free things.
NCP Online
    I love Ncponline.com it's such a great grocery scanning program that you can scan groceries and get rewarded, it allowed me to be able to get items for my list at Christmas time and free shipping. NCP has a reward Gift Catalog which you accumulate points, every transmission earns you points. You can get a hand help scanner or get Ncp mobile scanner if you have a smartphone. The scanner for mobile is easier, it displays almost all the grocery stores around me to record my shopping, along with grocery list of item, Also record gas, take out and prescriptions.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Woken up to thermostat trouble, Fancy Feast Broths review,Smule Magic Piano App

   My husband woke me up and told me the air conditioner was on but we had it on off we have two thermostats.I so wanted a few coffees before I deal with anyone or anything this early in the morning. So we called someone to fix than to call back to cancel it when it stopped coming back on it turns out when you have Central Heating you have an air conditioner part and a fan which was the main culprit,well if you put the fan to On position it will continuously run. But if you have it on Auto it will only run when starting the heating or cooling only. Even so I'm going to hunt down the manuals. As I have hunted down the manuals I go to Honeywell website to find out when I click the manual for one that they are under maintenance for it so I went to a website called ManualOwl.com. I really enjoy knowing I can find a manual and don't have to pay for it. It was mighty Chilly in Missouri here and not used to the low 50's. Heard we are gonna get hit with snow this year my Step-Daughter follows the Farmers Almanac and said we are going to have a hit of Snow towards the end of September. Maybe so because the Almanac don't lie. My grandmother was a real believer of the Farmers Almanac. So I could think it is quite wise to at least read.


         I just tried this really cool app on my phone Called Smule. It's an app that is a Magic Piano. I've played Amazing Grace and Simple gifts,If you get enough points you can get the song Let It go from Frozen to do. You get Stars for Each improvement. It even rewards you by saying Great Job! Even If you don't like the App I am sure it could entertain the kids for hours.  I would go to Viggle and download it there for points. I use Viggle Everyday. You can join me on their. I enjoy using that app. Course I get 1,000 points per each friend who joins on my link. You can too. I took the video with the Tablet. I didn't score to high but I was trying to keep the Tablet in shot of the Phone. It takes some time to get used to but I just Love Smule.

Fancy Feast Broths Review

  I receive many of samples in the mail from Walmart website and many more. I get lots of Notifications on Facebook, Twitter and I use other social networks. Now yesterday I received a Sample for Tuna and White Fish broths. Now I didn't eat them but I gave them to my finicky Siamese cat. This is how it went. 

     It wasn't no less than 4 minutes and she had it all down and she had no problem eating the Fancy Feast Broths. The sample contained pieces of meat and broth in a package. If your gonna treat your cat stick to these. Other than that some cats love hard treats as they get older will love softer treats. Our little cat turned 11 yesterday. If you don't like the small video just click the Small YouTube at the corner to view it directly on YouTube. I don't often put videos with the pages because It slows down the booting of the page. Have a Great Day.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to Make Dry Fajita Mix Like The stores but better! Some History in my life,


   Making Homemade Fajita Dry Seasoning at home is much a breeze and when the ingredients are already in the kitchen it makes preparing food Easy. I had an idea from a recipe but I made it my own by adding different ingredients to it than shown. I personally Love Chicken Fajitas at the Mexican Restaurant in Blue Springs,Missouri. I can't quite get away from the caramelized onions and green,red,yellow peppers. The chicken is so tender and cut in little strips that their almost as small as Chinese restaurants. I cut each breast in half so that I have 2 breasts and so on from a 1 lb package I marinate them it taste so good. I usually have 3-5 breasts. Just melt in my mouth. I cook with Canola Oil in a Cast Iron pan. It's just the oil that I had to use. I normally use Vegetable oil. Their is nothing wrong with either of them. Now for those who don't use no sugar sweetener like Splenda you can use Sugar Instead. I combine this recipe and the soy sauce,lime juice and Hot Mexican Chili pepper sauce to marinate the chicken and my husband just loves it. He says make enough this time I am hungry tonight.
Here is the Recipe
I only use 2tbl per 1lb of chicken.
The meal lasted for a few days.
The Mixture makes 2 lb marination for Meat.

Try these recipes mixed together and tell me how much you miss out to eat Fajitas in a Restaurant It's much cheaper cooking at home. Remember you can use what ever kind of Meat you want to cook with these recipes.

     I add more Soy Sauce to items and Canola oil while I am cooking. I personally allow the onions to soak up the left overs from the meat before adding more oil and soy sauce. To caramelize onions you need to cook them on low in a Cast Iron skillet, the skillet needs to be preheated with added oil. I just heard somewhere that you caramelize onions with sugar which I have never done. I usually use soy sauce to caramelize and oil. Weird to think. I normally use the yellow onion. I prefer that onion over another other while making Fajitas. I like to cook foods that are easy but not entirely unhealthy,that are cheap to make,that make more meals, that can stretch a whole week without going to the store until the weekend. I could see the Soy Sauce being a little tad unhealthy but it reality I rarely ever eat salt and I've heard we need to have some in our diets. You really have to have some patience to deal with a Cast Iron Skillet because when I first started out I was sticking the meat to the pan adding more oil fixed that. The food you prepare in Cast Iron is much better for you as you get added Iron in your food for all us women who really need the Iron especially for the women who are Anemic. I am not a doctor but I've been told that eating Iron riched food and using Cast Iron skillet to cook with  will help. As supplements do not get digested very easy.
     I did change the blog a bit. Please have some understanding while I get it back up. I found this really cool template that I have wanted for like ever. I thought back on it and remembered where to get it to embed in blogger template. The only thing I don't really like is the fact that the pages are in a list instead of tab button. I watch a lot of TV especially Lifetime,History Channel,Fox,Fox Sports and Comedy Central. I am all for a little Comedy. I have found out from my long lost ex girlfriend that she no longer wanted to be my friend. Only until I told her about how I felt tell she told me that she didn't want to be friends with me because people made fun of me and what not. I can only think is that.Why would you hang out with people who would make fun of your real friends in the first place?I can only think that when she has her back turned that they do the same thing to her. I have very few nice girlfriends and I've always been nice. Unfortunately none like the Comedy, the joking, No unserious friends here. I suppose I am more of a listener than a talker, but when you talk about something I know I will tell you how it is,voice my ideas. I grew up in a small town in Kansas. I wasn't the richest corn in the crop. I was bullied for some of my life and sometimes I would hate to go to school,One day I took my fury at recess and  threw a couple bodies to the ground Swinging and throwing them to the ground. I don't like violence but I was going to show them they couldn't mess with me anymore. I certainly kept to myself. Growing up had more Online boyfriends than physical boyfriends. Even though I had the looks, I didn't have the reputation, the high end  clothes and none of that matters to me today. What matters Is I am happy and I am alive.

COFFEE MATE original fat free, Win a Dragon touch tablet from Dragonblogger,Free Gaim TV Yoga

Coffee Mate Original Fat Free    

Was  setting this morning and was thinking Fat free Coffee mate taste really good. It's the original flavor. Price was 3 to 4 dollars. Course it's smaller and that's what I want. Coffee mate evens out the flavor of coffee, what I really mean is minimize a bitter dark strong flavored coffee turning  a cup of coffee into a cream sweet delight without taking away the good taste of coffee. If I didn't see the label I would have never knew Coffee mate was Fat free unless you told me. NESTLÉ makes a really good Coffee-mate, I've even tried Hazelnut but I stick with original and just use Hazelnut K-cups. I've even tried non branded powdered creamer but I always go back to Coffee-mate. I've used Coffee-mate for years.

    The ONLY Reason I Would Pass On It Is The Price Sometimes But It May Last A Few Weeks A Medium bottle. Their is calories in their Coffee-mate but you would have to put over more than meets the eye to start adding on calories. 1 Tsp is 10 calories. I am quite sure that I don't put over 2 to 3 Tsp in my cup at a time. The Original has less than 0.5 grams of fat.

      I'm having a pretty good morning. I made hubby an omelet with cheese. Came out great I use liquid egg whites that come in a container and easy to pour. I used Aldi brand egg whites that taste no different than the stores and are a dollar cheaper. When cooking an omelet I keep temperatures on 8 and down to 6. It sure is nice having non stick pans. I love Emrill Non Stick spray I use the spray in non stick pans. I cooked myself a omelet and it was fabulous. Personally the only thing different between Cheap Powdered cream and Coffee-mate, #Coffee-mate is much richer taste than that of cheap brand but than again the taste is very comparable. 
If you like to see what I cook. See More on Instagram. 
                             I am really trying to organize the blog as best as I can. I hope to be able to do a little more with it. 

Have a Great Day! 


It's very legit and I just got mine thanks to it.

Free Gaim TV 

Try this link.
I love doing Yoga as it helps with Arthritis and gets rid of stress.
21-day #GreetTheSunYogaChallenge Sept 9-29th

Bing Rewards? How life is going

   Bing Rewards makes it easy for you to earn Gift Cards such as Amazon,Burger King,Xbox memberships, Hulu memberships and more. If your feeling charitable you can also donate your Bing points to Charity. Their are even ways for you to Win a Microsoft Surface Computer.  You must have a Tablet,Computer or Smartphone to use this Bing rewards and be able to connect to the Internet. It is a search page you use and you must click at least  on the link you've searched for to be able to get credit. Be logged in. The thing I love is that I can use either my Microsoft account or Facebook to login because remembering passwords when I have so many makes my brain think hard.

      If your interested you can click here. I do get credit for you joining. My dad for instance had a problem with the Burger King gift card that I sent him from Bing because It's a printable,so I told him to call the Corporate and they made sure the Burger King in his town took it from now on. So I asked my dad a week after it happened and he went up their and it worked. It's important to make sure that the Burger King knows your paying with a printable gift card. If your looking to add up Gift Cards for Christmas or the Holidays Amazon Gift cards make great gifts, you could save them up and give them away. I believe that personally It's a waste to use another search engine unless they pay you to search either.

     My household is very much nervous lately. Things are slow at ones work. We don't know what kind of outcome we are going to have. Hopefully we don't have to sell our house but I just never know. It's our dream home my husband and I. This is the second house we've had. We've put lots of love into our home and money. Sometimes I wonder If it will pay off. My husband is getting older and he often worries as well. I've always put my trust in God,because that is all I can trust to get through it. Things are kind of looking down. They could be worse. Hopefully theirs a Rainbow at the end of the Darkness. We've been cutting down and going to Aldi's to eat. The other day I went to give a guy a Quarter back for handing me his cart and he said to keep it. That was really nice. I personally hope the economy and living gets better. Price of food,Gas goes up while paychecks are the same. I live in LS, Missouri the gas is 3.23-3.25 per gallon. The Price of Milk is $3.25-4.25.

    My husband and I were just talking about antiperspirant Deodorant being over 5 bucks that he likes. He just sighed and said it just to high of price for a Deodorant he says he can remember when it was a Dollar. I am not really an expert blogger but I do love to tell others about products that I buy. My husband and I have been married 10 years. We have no children between us other than my husbands daughter from his previous marriage.  She is very nice girl,Chef and highly intelligent. She should be on the Food Network. Her skills at cooking because she cooked some really good Real White Cheese Macaroni and Yukon Mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner last year it was a hit. She also makes the most Mouth watering Cakes you'll ever eat.

  I just was approved as an Affliate for Volcanica Coffee and I am so thrilled. If you like coffee I am going to be able to get a sample of it soon. I am hoping to review it and let you know how good it is. So If you like my blog you could click on the links and maybe try it,theirs 10% off If you click the banner.

I've got to get going Have a Great Day!


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