Friday, April 27, 2012

Russo's Pizza review/ Sephora giveaway/Homemade Febreeze

                               Russo's Pizza Review

        A great delivery Pizza around my neighborhood Been ordering for about 4 years now from Russo's pizza. It has Pizza and sandwiches, is a bar. The Pizza is thin crust extra meaty and with real cheese. I would suggest the All Meat or What I get Pepperoni,Beef, and onion for toppings. They have vegetarian Pizza too,Taco and pineapple with Canadian bacon, The combination is good too.The pizza sauce and potato skins are great.

       They no longer sell pasta. Food can also be carried out. Food comes at a great time and is very clean food establishment as well as a bar. I have not been inside in a long time I've only been in it one time. The pizza is always hot when my husband and I eat it. They have great burgers I've tried the cheese burger is good. I have an updated Menu. I would suggest anyone that comes to Missouri try the food. They also have Wednesday Biker night too. They are extra busy there too. If you have the time check it out. Their is also a tattoo parlor and a liquor store nearby. They now sell Pizza and other menu items on Sundays. Before they were just Monday-Saturday now their Sundays. Open usually by Noon to 9 o'clock at night call before hand for hours.  If the pictures look good than go get some If you want to eat. The price is better as in  affordable and the quality is better for Pizza than all delivery places combined. You can create your own Pizza too.

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        I'm excited about one of my friendly bloggers contest for a Sephora 50 dollars giveaway! I so want win. I just figure Id refer you to the contest as well. Everyone needs a little make up If you could get it for free Why not?

       Cleaning tip of the day! Take old towels and cut them up in squares, to secure the outsides with embroider floss on the outside or single crochet the sides so that the towel doesn't unravel don't cut across the grain cut with the grain.  My cat loves towel pillows she purrs and lays on it. To clean a cat box empty the cat box completely throw all the litter away in the trash and take a little bleach set the cat box in your sink use your scooper to scrub with a little bleach and warn water keep on scraping with the scraper tell it is completely clean. Than wipe with a paper towel and add new rocks. Don't add bags mine would get annoyed and bite the bags, plus the bags cost money and get your floor dirty when they get holes in them.  Use Scoop Away it's better than Arm and Hammer Super Scoop. You don't have to smell your cats stink use Scoop Away clump-able cat litter.  For those who don't have a cat your tip today is how to make febreeze so you don't have to buy any make any scent you desire take about an oz of Hydrogen peroxide to a few drops of fabric softener in a spray bottle because you want just enough to wet down your clothes to refresh, than add water to the top of the bottle and shake when you want to use it. Add more softener If you prefer.

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