Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zarda BBQ & Catering Co Review

       I go to Zarda BBQ with my husband and so we can use the drive thru when we go their. Zarda is one of those BBQ places that has been in business for years which is a Missouri favorite BBQ. My husband and I have been going to Zarda for many years as we have been together. The meat is nicely sliced,great BBQ sauce not to sweet and not to spicy for their original sauce. My husband and I are connoisseurs of restaurants we have been to almost all of the high end BBQ places in Missouri. No one knows BBQ more than Zarda. The Cheesy potatoes will go down fast because the aroma and the taste of spices with butter just are one that taste so good. I love the ribs one time my husband and I dined in had a salad first from there salad bar and had some of their delicious ribs. They also have succulent burnt in what I call beef tips. I just thought Id give people a little of what I love today. I ate at Zarda yesterday and thought Id show you a picture of the great tasting BBQ Brisket sand which I had. If you come to Missouri don't forget to stop at Zarda BBQ in Blue springs and I haven't been to the one in Lenexa,Kansas. Also go to their website to check other specialties. The smokey flavor of the meat and the taste does not compare to any other BBQ's I've eaten. The price is just right 10 dollars a meal deal. If you happen to pick up some Cheesy potatoes do it and also the potato salad. The beans are good too don't forget that one. The restaurant also caters to graduations,party's and weddings. If you happen to stop by Zarda and live in another state and wish you had the sauce go click here to go to the store so you can buy BBQ sauce and such.Zarda Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

Zarda Meal deal Number 2 @8.95 a meal

Cleaning tip of the day! Take wine glasses or glasses for storage or just want that sparkling clean of those white foggy glasses just take a rag with some white vinegar on it and wipe with another dry rag clean. 
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