Saturday, May 26, 2012

El Magueys Mexican Restaraunt


                   Tonight my husband and I went to El Magueys in Lee's Summit.Missouri he had the Chicken fajitas and the bean,rice and salad plate that comes with the fajita plate. I had the E-Special burrito which had lettuce, Mexican cheese and a burrito stuffed with beef,thick salsa sauce which was so good I ate every bite so I want to share with you the new experience as the E Special burrito is a new try. The meat was steam fresh and El Magueys is one of my favorite restaurants. This is one of the best locations. As it does get a little slow around memorial day to get people to come in because people are on vacation or at the lake, it's always hopping on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I also have to say to try the Chicken Taquitos that is made with real chicken meat. They also have it where you can call in to get your food and pick it up. This is not your microwave or can food Mexican place.  Salsa and chips are just right great drinks. I tried the Mango Margarita tonight. It was so good with it being hot outside will really get you where you need to be is cooled off. 6.75 for the huge drink. You'll always get a buzz here. They have recently updated their menu from a few months ago. El Magueys also has a children's menu,desert and vegetarian. I have tried the bean burrito and cheese quesadilla which are all to good too. You won't be disappointed food comes out very fast. I've combined photos of all of the items we had from previous times as we did not get cheese dip this time, cheese dip is made with Mexican white cheese. Their is a bigger Margarita you can get that comes in a fish bowl glass you can share with another person. Great place for family's to hang out. Price is great.
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Medium Mango Margarita

 Medium Lime Margarita

Especial Burrito

11.50 for Chicken Fajitas that have green pepper,tomato,onion & comes with 3 tortillas corn or flour you choose

Cheese sauce with complimentary salsa

Bean,rice, Pecos,sour cream,lettuce guacamole plate is called salad plate.

CAMERONS'S French Roast Coffee Review

                If your anything like me I happen to look at the sales at the supermarket and came onto a new coffee company that was selling their coffee on sale for 3.58 for this 10oz bag last week at Price Chopper so I chose to pick up a bag. I was surprised with the quality and the dark roasted beans. The taste was superior to other coffee. I'm hoping that this brand stays around as the beans were very fresh  when I grind them in my bean grinder and stayed fresh over 2 weeks it lasted me as I only grind enough for the brew. I use my K-cup to brew ground coffee. I love the advertisement on the front a red lion. It's bold and smooth like it promises. The dark beans are pitch black which I often love that smokey flavor it produces when I have my cup. Try Cameron's their beans come from all around and support coffee bean farmers.

CLO SYS Mouthwash Review

        I just thought I would share this product as it does contain mineral oil  and is alcohol free,works with your natural PH free of harsh chemicals about as natural as you can get it also kills germs & bacteria. Clo SYS dissolves compounds in your mouth that cause bad breath. No stinging here while using. I have tried it you take 2 capfuls and gargle for 30 seconds spit out. It also gets rid of coffee breath.  I know I love coffee but I don't like to smell like bad breath all day it rids the smell of coffee on your breath. I do floss and have been to the dentist lately. Also use a straw while drinking coffee to get it to the back of my mouth not on my teeth. It helps to use this Clo SYS after you have brushed and flossed at night and after you brush in the morning. Can buy at  CVS and Walgreen's & other retailers. I also notice the sparkling of my teeth they also make a breath spray and toothpaste.

Cleaning tip of the day! Take down your window screens and vacuum them with a canister vacuum instead of getting the hose on it. Also make sure to vacuum your high vents and low vents with a canister vacuum with the dusting attachment so that your air conditioner doesn't have to work so hard. If you don't have a canister vacuum you can undo the vent covers by a Phillips screw driver and either with damp rag  and water wipe down or use a feather duster to get in between each nook and cranny.Replace your air conditioners filter every 3 months many people buy reusable that they just hose down and replace but they don't work as well and you don't get the protection of allergens that help keep dust mites at bay and your allergys .  Change the belt on your upright vacuum every once in awhile when you see wear so that you don't have to stop what your doing and attend to a broken belt. Scary when company comes :-).

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