Monday, May 21, 2012

Lourdes Authentic Mexican Cuisine Restaurant Review

             My husband and I recently went to a new restaurant called Lourdes Authentic Mexican Cuisine which is behind Ponchos Mexican  restaurant which is not part of Ponchos it has been their a year my husband seen it a few times never tried I had to mail a package back to Overstock wrong type of de thatcher for our yard one so we were in a perfect location for lunch Lourdes has rotisserie chickens whole ones on Sunday for 5.99 and bubble tea which comes from a fountain machine.

       My husband and I tried the tacos. He loves their tacos and says we have a new place to eat If we find ourselves wanting tacos. Hubby had the Mexican hard shell ones and I had the deep fried white tortilla Lourdes special taco. The food was exceptional and all I can say is WOW this Mexican food has flavor and the regular salsa is good also. The taco meat was juicy and also was seasoned in a good way. The Lourdes Special deep fried tacos & regular Mexican ones which are Ala cart and the rice and bean  plate was also Ala cart you have to buy those separate. The good part is that we had this for lunch good portions and I also have some good pictures to show you the inside and foods.

         You pay at the register after you eat. Their is a waiter or waitress that tells you to find a seat. The special sign is a chalk board outside before you enter. I can tell you that a taco which contains sour cream,lettuce tomato and cheese is so good with the beef taco meat. Lourdes does have specials and buy one get one free on Tuesdays for Mexican tacos. If you find yourself wondering where this place is located I've included it in Urban Spoon. It's right next to UPS store. The rice contains Mexican rice,corn,peas and carrots. The beans are seasoned with lard or some of the sort. All I know is I would eat their again. The other part is , is that the food is served on throw away plates and styro foam cups for drinks. Even though the place has been in business a year it is good and also the price is reasonable. Did not see any alcoholic beverages. Pepsi products served and also has a desert menu.
Lourdes Authentic Mexican Cuisine on Urbanspoon

                They also have kids menus. Try the deep fried Lourdes taco you will love every bite and be savoring every flavor and sensation of quality Mexican food. Chips are Delicious. No microwave food here. I know I did enjoy my outing with my husband!
Chips and Salsa.

Lourdes deep fried white tortilla taco

Bubble Tea Machine,Kitchen and Rotisserie in the background.

Table and chairs a place to eat. 

Bean and Mexican rice on a plate and Mexican tacos.

Special Sign!

        I am a bit Spanish myself I do not carry myself like Mexicans do here. I was born here and my parents were born here. My ancestry I was told was from Spain grandparents on my dads side. It's always nice to know I am more than just a simple person.

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