Saturday, May 26, 2012

T-Bones Deli & Meat Market & Lakeside Catering Review

              My husband and I recently just went to T-bones restaurant In Lake Lotawana was the second time but I didn't have any pictures last time so I didn't share them. So this time I do, I would love to introduce a restaurant that has been in business about a month or so. It has great tasting Wisconsin cheese curds I tried. Also we ordered the Great tasting Pork pulled Sandwich tender juicy good portion for lunch and dinner. Bun tasted fresh too that I had on the Sandwich. I always have to take some home but I won't complain about that I love left overs. We ordered the Jalapeno appetizer that has cheese inside with bacon rapped around it and it is fired on the grill which is extra spicy use caution when eating. The food is moderately priced food 8-9 dollars and up  a plate for lunch and Dinner 15-20 Great for a nice date. Their are more items on the menu. They serve alcohol and coke products. They have many other items such as Fettuccine Alfredo, Chicken Fettuccine, the pastas are huge bigger than most other places. They are a small store that are expanding their outdoor patio to eat at. My husband really loved the Jalapenos I only had half of one. We split our sandwiches and put them in a to go box.    

Setting here at T-Bones looking at the Sign
                T-bones are  also going to expand their parking lot. They also serve breakfast but I haven't ever been in the morning. Family friendly establishment. The steak fries are spectacular they almost taste like they are covered in cheddar seasoning. Cheese curds are a good size taste fresh and are fried extra crispy not to hard served with Ranch dressing. I would go again 2 drinks 2 pulled pork Sandwiches 2 appetizers for 40 dollars all together which included a nice tip for the waitress. It's not bad because the meat is fresh and comes from the  butcher at T-Bones. The outdoor patio includes a wooden walk out area, umbrellas and wood tables. They also have a fire-pit table, a bar and are still expanding. I love the outdoor lights on the patio and Tiki torches they light. Right across the street from the Canoe Club.
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This is Romantic setting on a wooded seat underneath the umbrella sometimes they have lanterns on tables at night

Cheese Curds so great!

Long Island tea 

Pulled pork Sandwich look at all that Pork with those Steak fries.

Jalapenos  on the Menu appetizer that is wrapped with bacon with cheese sauce inside

Pulled Pork with bun on top

Overlooking the tables I see the bar this is so peaceful
open all 365 days every year!
Monday- Saturday 9am-7:30pm
Sunday 9am-5pm
T-bones Deli and Meat Market & Lakeside Catering
27900 E. Colbern Rd
Lake Lotawana,MO 64086
Call 816-578-4561

Go here to see a menu-

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