Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taco Grande Pizza Review Papa Murphy's,My Strawberry Martini Recipe,Washing Silk cleaning tip

        I just have to say that Papa Murphy's Taco Grande Pizza was so amazing. My husband even liked it and we had not had a taco pizza in years. The Two cheeses on the pizza made it blend in with the black olives,green onions,fresh cut tomatoes,bean sauce at the bottom with a few extra beans in it with beef topping on top it has to be one of my favorite pizza's from Papa Murphy's now. Always Fresh Papa Murphy's Taco Grande Pizza is by far the best Pizza I've tried and this pizza will savor your taste buds to say so good I can't eat just once slice. I had with it was a Strawberry Martini which I provided below. I made my own recipe when it came to the drink and it played so well with what I was eating. Thank you to Tara for sending me the Gift card to purchase my meal from Papa Murphy's PR. I only had to use 86 cents to get the two pizza's and I got another pizza for tomorrow.Papa Murphy's  on Urbanspoon

In the package it says open me and bake me!

Out of the package Put me in the oven at 425F

Cooked and devoured One Slice on my plate!

One slice left and this was a large.

Guess you know I had the last piece.
                                             All gone! That was so good.

                                              Amanda's Strawberry Martini Recipe
1 cup sweet and sour
1part vodka
1part vermouth
1/4cup Sugared fresh strawberry's
1/2cup ice cubes
1part triple sec
Blend well and strain with sifter into a shaker with ice cubes or crushed cubes.
From Shaker, Shake with top on until theirs no tomorrow pour into a Martini or small glass. 
 ©2012 Copy-written Amanda J Throckmorton
 Sorry I don't have a picture they were so good I drank them so fast.

By the end of drink 2  your head is going to be spinning! Please use responsibility when drinking!  Oh and I had two☺☻.

Cleaning tips of the day! 
             A little Vinegar in your clothes washing cycle will soften the load. A box of baking soda will also soften clothes but when used in high amounts can cake up in your Wash machine so use in your whites instead of using bleach. To keep Silk nice wash it in Luke warm water with a tablespoon or more of detergent in a sink and than hang to dry. If you care about some garments of clothes wash them by hand with a method first spot clean the stains, swish the soap around  and  in a empty sink with warm water with drain stopper applied and lay your clothes on each side than empty the water out and put some fresh water in and swish the fresh water never let the faucet water hit your clothes can cause it to have lines IF your not careful and don't try to wring out the clothes let the clothes dry themselves by putting down a towel beneath to catch the wet water.  You can add softener IF you want by a few drops you don't have to add much but I don't do that I just use the detergent when washing by hand in the sink. Try washing one item at a time by hand because some colors can blend in with other

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