Friday, June 29, 2012

Habanero's Restaurant Review

  It has a plane on the top of the building that is a yellow mo hawk plane, it has had it's business revamped, but the recipes are still the same. You come into this place that has different coyote like atmosphere almost like a out west restaurant. They sell t-shirts their too, so If your traveling through ask how much they are for a Souvenir Their Habey dip is the best cheese dip in Lees Summit,Missouri. It has peppers,white cheese,and other spices in it. The place is known for being the Flying  Pepper place.The restaurant puts the Habey cheese dip into a hard shell tortilla bowl. The place has great service. 

     They also have a happy hour as well. Their is a big bar area to set at and watch TV. They have great tacos that include cheese,meat,lettuce tomato on a crispy tortilla hard shell. The Fajitas are cooked in butter and are so good, I also can taste lime and lemon though they are very secrative of their recipe with on the bottom of the fajita plate is some vegetables like onions and green pepper. The chicken fajitas just melt in your mouth the plate comes with 3 sides like guacamole,sourcream and peko di galo with some soft tortillas. The moment you walk in is a different atmosphere one you'll have to experience for yourself and they seat you with a hostess. The place is family friendly. Also has WiFi. It also has something called flipflop that allows you to download a QR code to save on your meal. I'm still new to QR and don't know how to use it as much as others do.  My husband loved the meal and so did I. Though I took some pictures so you can see the menu items. I believe the meals are 10-15 dollars a plate. They also have a childrens menu. So you can also have some big partys their as well. You pay at the table, they also have a way you can order the menu item pay and leave like takeout. 

Outside of the Restaraunt

The Menu

Habey Dip
Beef Tacos
Chicken Fajitas
                                            Cheese,Guacomole,Peco di galo and tortilla plate.

      Would eat at again. We had a coupon to go eat their that gave us 7 dollars off our visit from ValPak that we used. Thanks to the Restaurant putting the coupon in we where able to get out of their at a good price.Habanero's on Urbanspoon

   Hope this article is getting you hungry. I'm waiting to do my review on Nexxus hair product, I am so hungry just woke up an hour ago. We;ll this is not all of my article, I am going to post another one today on the review so watch for it, will have video.

I've got to go If your in the area check the Restaurant out, you won't be unhappy!

Going to go sip on some Cappuccino and eat some Egg whites and toast! Be Right Back!
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