Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chick fil a Review in Lee's Summit,MO with pictures,

   I received some coupons in the mail 3 of them for Chick fil a Sandwich a free cookie or brownie or a drink so  my husband and I decided to go out to Chick fil a to try it out. We didn't use the coupons and decided to order the Spicy Chicken combo instead it's number 3 It's fried One of the most Spicy Sandwiches I have ever had,also ask for their signature sauce that has a blend of sauces for on top of the chicken Chick fil a sauce.

    Two Spicy Sandwiches for 14 plus change. Probably a little pricey but it tasted less processed and more natural Chicken Sandwich than that of another Quick Restaurant. For those of you who don't know it Their is a new one 690 Nw Blue Pkwy Lees Summit, MO 64086 phone (816) 246-2948. The place was well kept. I am pleased that Chick fil a does not serve meals on Sunday. That makes me feel a little better about how the business feels about It's employees faith. While going to the drivethru the work areas looked very clean ,outside was well maintained no junk or trash, the drive thru employee was very kind, said hi, please and thank you, anything we needed. You just don't go to many Quick serve restaurants and are greeted with such American Valued help.I felt good about my visit and my husband loved the Spicy Sandwich too.
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I want to show you some pictures.

 Of our Drive thru visit. 

Menu so big!
Obstacles to drive around to get to the drive thru window

Drive Thru Window

Spicy Chicken Sandwich comes with pepperjack cheese #3  with  Waffle Fries.

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