Sunday, September 15, 2013

Plowboys BBQ Restraunt Review in Blue Springs,Missouri,Apple Crisp Concord Foods Mix Review

    I ordered takeout at the register at Plowboys BBQ Restaurant in Blue Springs,Missouri. The Experience is nice and they must have really good Ribs because the guy behind me asked the register Manager If they had any ribs and he said they ran out,didn't make enough stacks,so they must be good at ribs. The woman who works their had a big smile on her face which is really welcoming that made my ticket out. Unfortunately I understand why it takes a place awhile to open doors get situated  and ran out of ice while I was their. The woman got my order wrong but My husband and I ordered Jumbo Basket Brisket and I ordered the burnt ends  his was with fries and mine was with cheesy potato . My husband and I decided to take and go. We where very unhappy that we received 2 burnt end sandwich instead of his jumbo brisket sand which the meat was not even cut up for him enough, I choose to eat my chunks of burnt ends without the bread. The meat had a little fat on it kind of nasty fat. Before you say BBQ is full of fat and I shouldn't complain I have to say that BBQ should have a minimal amount of fat If its smoked right it will be tender and easy to manage when cut up. They now serve beer their I seen a sign with the Bottles at the register. Family friendly place. I did like the collector cups that I received. Their drive through didn't open tell today but yesterday it was closed. Some of the minor problems like no ice,no drive through and I didn't see any of these people receive a ticket like some restaurants have the wait was ok but I think it could of been faster. The Great thing is the meat was tender minus the fat,
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The BBq sauce is sweet& tangy and they have a regular and  hot, also a vinegar dressing too. Just because they mess up being only open a week don't mean they don't have other items on the menu. Next I'd have to try their ribs because you really know a restaurant If you have their ribs. 2 Meals 2 drinks and 2 sides 25 bucks not bad. This restaurant has no waitresses It's a call your number from the receipt and pick it up at the register. I probably would go back to try something else out. It's always packed when we go by. I love the burnt ends a little bit of fat but by themselves don't rarely need any bbq sauce moist and tender, a bit fat but I pick around it with a knife. They need a printable ticket in the back setup so that orders get out faster. Like most places have their meat already cut up and ready to go setting in a plastic reservoir ready to be heated up. Some real management checking in on their orders. A person to monitor their meat so they don't run out. I understand they just started to run this and probably are getting into the habit of running it. I suggest you have  to try out at least once to see If you like it. I like it plus It's closer to my house. Right across from CVS is Blue Springs,Missouri Offer items for kids to eat too. I have no menu yet because they haven't created one yet but theirs once inside the place. I love BBQ and connoisseur of it. I'll try anything.

3111 SW Missouri 7
Blue Springs, Missouri 64015

Phone (816) 228-7569

Apple Crisp Concord Foods Mix Review

    One of the best and easy Mixes to ever use. It is the most awesome mix to try for Apple Crisp. I used the Honey Apples they don't look like very sweet apples, once cooked into the crisp are so sweet. Last Night my husband was in the mood for Apple Crisp I had went to the store to buy apples the day so we picked out some Honey Apples and this Concord Foods Apple Crisp Mix. I had to show this once piece because my husband had two servings of it already. This is what I did is peel the apples and than cut them up really fine but not to fine and put them into the square container with the mixture of softened unsalted butter and apple crisp mix. 20-30 minutes which I did the whole 30 minutes on 375 F. So delicious Apple Crisp you'll want seconds or say It's so rich. You don't ever go to a restaurant and get such good homemade taste. It was crispy too and didn't taste like a mix. Thanks to Concord foods Love it. 
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